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Asa (Yuuga Kemistri)


Founder of Yuuga Kemistri

Appearing on Sunday at 12pm in the Workshops Room

Click here to download the event programme


YUUGA Kemistri was founded by Icelandic Asa, the creator of the Eating Raw For Real Beauty programme. Yuuga Kemistri is all about passionate living and nurturing body, mind and spirit the natural way. Following a RAWLICIOUS plant-based lifestyle is super-sexy and enhances the real beauty within.

As a tool in healing her self, Asa studied Nutritition while still living in Norway. There she taught Yoga at one of Oslo´s top Holistic Health Centres and ran a vegetarian cafe so making food for others is not new to her.  The combination of Yoga, healthy diet and natural and organic skin care, brought Asa to a life changing decision – and YUUGA Kemsitri was born.

The name YUUGA, means elegance in Japanese and Kemistri is how Norwegians write Chemistry which is the idea behind the company´s name: Elegant chemistry – you, your healthy body and mind!

Asa says: "Food has always been my passion and I´m in love with Life and Healthy Living. I´m truly committed to sharing with love and compassion my knowledge and expertise. I want other so experience the benefits from incorporating ´some raw´on their own journey of good health, happiness, success and longevity."


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