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Animal Welfare Party 2014 EU Elections bid

Animal Welfare Party 2014 EU Elections bid

Along with their European counterparts, the Animal Welfare Party is attempting to return a dedicated representative for the animals to the EU Parliament in May this year and, if they succeed, they will make history!

Following their success in the 2009 EU Parliament elections, the Animal Welfare Party will stand in the constituency of London (at the very least) in the 2014 EU Parliament elections – and more constituencies if funds allow.

Their aim is to return a dedicated representative for the animals to the EU Parliament for the first time ever!  At the same time their counterparts in the animal protection parties of the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal are all striving for the same. Around the world, a sea change is occurring in man’s relationship with animals and the environment and the AWP are proud to be part of this movement in Europe.

Winning political representation for animals in the EU Parliament would be a major step in the battle against speciesism and for the AWP, this is a moment in history as significant as any in the history of human rights or women’s rights.

London – AWP Target Constituency

For the EU elections, the UK is divided into 12 constituencies. In an ideal world, the AWP would stand all over the UK but the fee payable per constituency contested (deposit) is around £5000. So, if they were to contest each constituency they would need to pay around £60,000 in fees.

Unfortunately, the AWP don’t have those kind of funds right now – but, of course, a few generous donors could well change that! So, if you happen to bump into any animal loving millionaires don’t forget to mention the AWP to them!

Meanwhile, if you can, please donate to the AWP election campaign yourself. They’re asking for donations of just £1 / $1 and above – along with a request to pass the message on to your friends and family. If the 6 million vegetarians in the UK all donated £1, the AWP would have £6 million pounds to work with! If the US vegetarians joined in, the AWP would have £22 million! 

So why London? London is one whole constituency in the EU elections. It is chosen as the target constituency because of the high proportion of vegetarians living there. Figures suggest there could be over half a million vegetarian members of the electorate in London and the AWP need around 140,000 votes to win a seat. Although you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to support their party or believe animals deserve dedicated representatives in the EU Parliament, many who support the AWP follow some kind of vegetarian diet. So, out of the UK’s 12 constituencies, the AWP have the greatest chance of being elected in London. That is why the AWP have committed to standing in London at the very least. If they raise more funds over the next few months they may well add other constituencies to their list.

Want to play a part in making history? Below are some of the ways you can begin helping the AWP election campaign today:

Register to Vote

If you live in London and would like to vote for AWP, please make sure you’re eligible and registered to vote today. Visit for more info on how to register. Once you’ve registered, why not tweet or facebook your friends explaining why and encourage them to do the same?

At the last EU elections, only 34% of those who could vote did vote. Considering that less than a hundred years ago, our great-grandmas were protesting and dying for the right to vote, here in the UK, that’s a huge shame. So please exercise their right to determine how the society they live in is organised.

Make a note of Election Day – Thursday 22nd May 2014

Make sure you’ve noted the date of the EU elections in your diaries and all calendars. Don’t plan any activity for that day that would prevent you from making it to the polling station on time. Why not vote early in the morning and then Tweet, Facebook or email your friends and family so that they might be inspired to follow suit!

Donate to the AWP Election Campaign 

To date, our party is entirely run by volunteers. No-one is paid for the work they do. But, even so, running an effective election campaign is extremely costly. Printing thousands of leaflets, producing videos, posters, holding media stunts, buying advertising space, having stalls and travelling to give talks all adds up. Raising funds to contest the elections is vital to the AWP's success on 22nd May 2014.

Donating whatever you can now, even if it’s just £1, will help them to build a truly successful election campaign.

And just think, if all the vegetarians in London donated £1, that adds up to £500,000 for their campaign.

And if all the vegetarians in the UK donated just £1, well, the AWP would have around £6 million! That seat would be theirs!

Get the picture? So, please, spare whatever you can to help realise our vision for animals. Please donate to the AWP EU election campaign today.


Share AWP's posts on facebook - starting from today!

Please share our posts as often as you can – it only takes a second to share a post and costs nothing – but it could have a massive impact on the AWP's success. Sharing their  posts with your friends will help the AWP reach likeminded people so please do share daily or twice a week if you can.

Re-tweet AWP tweets on twitter

As with Facebook, re-tweeting their Tweets costs nothing but could help them to reach a whole new audience that don’t yet know the existence of the AWP. It’s quick and simple and if you could do it on a regular basis, twice a week, for example, it could be a vital tool in growing their supporter base.

Mention AWP to people you know or meet who might be interested

You don’t need a computer or a phone to do this one. If you meet people who might be interested in the AWP and what they’re doing, don’t assume they already know about the AWP, please ask them if they’ve heard about the party.

Come to a Meeting 

If you live in or near London, please do come to the AWP's Central London members’ and volunteers meetings. They’re a small party with limited resources and are always looking for committed volunteers to take on important tasks.

Meetings are open to all members. Supporters who would like to become members are welcome to join with cash before the meeting starts. If this applies to you, it would be great if you could bring the exact money (£12 waged / £8.50 unwaged per year).

Meetings are advertised on the Events page of the AWP site, which is also linked to their Facebook events page.


Send your own Ideas to AWP

If you have your own ideas about how they can spread the word about the party as far and wide as possible, please get in touch via their Contact Form 


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