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Animal Aid Victims of Charity Campaign

Animal Aid Victims of Charity Campaign

The new Victims of Charity microsite ( is designed to monitor and challenge charity-funded vivisection. Every few weeks, the site will feature a recent animal experiment funded by a UK medical research charity, and empower people to take action quickly and effectively using email and social media. In less than one week, more than 1,000 people have taken action via the microsite. As time goes on, a powerful archive of experiments will develop, providing an invaluable resource for journalists and facilitating better media coverage of the campaign against animal experiments.

This new online initiative also contains a number of permanent resources, such as Animal Aid's briefing sheet on non-animal research methods (, which provides inspiring examples of what can be achieved without animal suffering. There is also a collection of statements from patients who ask that only scientifically valid non-animal research be conducted in their name:

Also included on the microsite is a database of charities that do and don't fund vivisection (, enabling people to ensure that their money is being used to fund only non-animal research. This is also available as a user-friendly pocket-guide.


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