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SATURDAY - lifewell wellbeing hub 

12:00      Graham "Theobroma" Jevon - LifeForce Nutrition

1.00        Richi  - Cell to Soul Wellness & Wellbeing

2.00        Jamison Combs - Inspired-life Leadership

3.00        Ania Nowicki - Radiant Vitality

4.00        Will Bedford - Choosing Cheeseburgers

5.00        Comedy Hour



12.00      Berty Justice   Choose vegan, improve the world 

1.00        Stephen - The Green Party - Don't Torture Animals, a new campaign group

2.00        Martin Fodor - Vegan life and sustainable living: the tricky issues

3.00        Caddy Cooper - Sign and Sing

4.00        Shiva Trust - Veganism is a Way of Life

5.00        Comedy Hour




12:00 - Graham Jevon - LifeForce Nutrition

Living Foods, Raw Foods, Super-Foods and Super-Herbs healing and thriving strategies, shared with a refreshingly inclusive while deeply informative approach by the UK's leading Living Foods, Medifoods and Tonic herb expert, Graham "Theobroma" Jevon. Closely mentored by the worlds most prominent Raw Foods Authority - David Wolfe, learn from an acclaimed wellness expert who himself lost over 10 stones in weight! Curing his host of chronic illnesses!


Richi returns from "The Valley of Longevity" - Vilcabamba, amid the Ecuadorian Andes, to share his singularly transformative experiential insights into creating exuberant health, happiness and true wellbeing. The knowledge Richi has to share with us gained from his own personal transformation from physically debilitating chronic illness, and the deepest of mental and emotional adversities, is nothing short of life changing! His InnerSprings guidances, serve as the essential wellness element of our pioneering LifeWell Wellbeing System and the inspiration for all our life-liberating wellbeing experiences!

14:00 - Jamison Combs - Inspired-life Leadership

The UK's foremost example of and ambassador for Enlightened Entrepreneurism, Jamison Combs, offers an elegantly simple method with his Inspired-Life Map, the most refreshingly accessible compass for us to guide ourselves swiftly into coherence with our excitement and our desired dharma. Learn what inspired the "from scratch to success" rise of the UK's biggest selling wholefoods brand, nakd bars!


15:00 - Ania Nowicki - Radiant Vitality

Integrative Nutritionist and Wholistic Health Coach, Ania Nowicki radiates vitality! Having solved her own weight and health issues and drawing from the frontiers of integrative nutritional health science taught today, Ania offers compassionate and complete guidance into simple and practical ways we can integrate life igniting change into our lifestyle and our whole life experience!


16:00 - Will Bedford - Choosing Cheeseburgers (Food culture and the choices we make)

LifeWell's Expert Guest Speaker; Archaeologist, Anthropologist and Writer - William Bedford, explores a question he has been asking for years: why do we choose food the way we do, despite the health risks? For thousands of years humans have simply eaten whatever they could; are we just not ready for the choices the modern world gives us? Is the problem our "Western" diet or our Western Culture? A rare opportunity to gain from empowering insights into the driving influences of our culture.


17:00 - comedy hour





12.00   Berty Justice - Choose Vegan, Improve the world.

How can changing what we eat, and what products we buy improve the world? This talk looks at sustainability, the environment, ethics, health and athletes to see how its possible.


13:00 - Stephen H - The Green Party - Don't Torture Animals, a new campaign group 

Don't Torture Animals is a new campaigning group.  We have the goal of showing shocking films on busy junctions and street corners of animals being tortured for human satisfaction. We aim to do this by mounting a large screen onto a van.

We are copying the method from Eddie Lama who pioneered this technique with great success in New York ("Witness").

One of the DTA's founder members Stephen Hendry recently slept up a tree in Brighton to prevent Council contractors cutting it down. Stephen and other members have now turned their attention to raising awareness of the suffering of animals.


14:00 - martin fodor - Vegan life and sustainable living: the tricky issues

Local sustainability expert and member of Bristol Vegans, Martin Fodor, will explore the links and tensions for those interested in both vegan lifestyle and sustainable living in an interactive workshop where everyone will be welcome to contribute. While there are a great many ways in which the two themes coincide, there are also times when we have to make difficult decisions in our lives. How can we tackle the moral arguments and value judgements for and against synthetic materials versus animal exploitation? Are vegans worried about ‘air miles' in their food? This session might help us understand how to make personal decisions. Martin's been working in the field of local sustainability for many years. He's a specialist in resources and recycling, energy, climate change, and the built environment. He joined Bristol Vegans five years ago and enjoys the creativity of the pot luck dinners people join in.


15:00 - caddy cooper - sign and sing

The Sign & Song Interactive Showcase is an action packed show for 4-11 year olds and whole families alike. With high energy, engaging songs, families can take the opportunity to learn some cool moves, sing like a ROCKSTAR and even get a feel for Makaton signing!

Get your body moving, get your voice soaring, get your brain in gear and get those hands a-signing with Sign & Song at VegFest 2013!!

Communication. Confidence. Cohesion. Community.

Sign & Song was developed in association with The Makaton Charity and Slough Music Service.

16:00 - Shiva trust - veganism is a way of life

We are devotees of Satguru Sri Ramana, and we have learnt that the word vegan means to live one's life as much as possible according to the principle of ahimsa - non-violence. We believe that god is in everything. We must learn to recognize the inter-connectedness of all life, and to reflect this realization in all of our choices. Come and explore what true veganism could mean to your life. We'll explore how devotion - Love of God - relates to veganism and show you how to make truly divine homemade chocolate truffles. All participants go home with their very own pack!

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