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Vegfam is the charity of choice for VegfestUK.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our collection and tombola, we have raised a total of £1,208 at VegfestUK Bristol 2013 which has been paid into the Vegfam account. A further £1,000 was collected at Brighton in March 2013, and with another £600 donated throghout 2013 by VegfestUK team, and £710 collected at VegfestUK London 2013, a combined total of £3,518 has been donated to Vegfam by VegfestUK in 2013.

In 2011 VegfestUK donated a total of £860 to Vegfam. Big thanks to all those who donated! The £860 raised in 2011 included a collection of £300 taken at Brighton VegfestUK 2011, £200 at Bristol in May 2011 and £360 donated by VegfestUK team members throughout the course of the year.

In 2012, £925 has been raised at Brighton in March, £600 is being donated through the year by VegfestUK staff, and the collection at Bristol in May (25th - 27th) raised another £1000, making a total of £2525 donated by VegfestUK to Vegfam in 2012. We also designed, printed and distributed 10,000 A4 folded leaflets for Vegfam during 2012.

With more events planned for 2013, we hope to raise even more funds for this amazing charity.

Vegfam 'Feeds the Hungry without Exploiting Animals' and is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans especially, who wish to fund projects that help alleviate famine and suffering in some of the poorest quarters of the globe though projects that are vegan and that do not involve the exploitation of animals

To find out more about Vegfam and the priceless work they do, visit their website at

All proceeds from the Tombola at Bristol in 2013 (stall number 1) went towards Vegfam. They also received a proportion of the collections taken on the door and throughout the event at Brighton on March 16th and 17th, as well as all the collection at Bristol May 24th - 26th





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