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Talks - Nutrition & Health

talks - nutrition and health




12.00      Janey Lee Grace -  Is living in the 21st Century making you sick?

1.00        Saskia Fraser - Raw Food energy for busy lives

2.00        Mellissa Morgan (Ms. Cupcake) - How to replace animal products in your baking

3.00       Neil Kingham - College of Naturopathic Medicine - The health secrets of traditional diets

4.00        Ange de Lumiere - Go green with your slimming

5.00        Kevin Daw (Soul Juices Mobile Juice Bar) - Juicing, enzymes and raw food



12.00     Yvonne Bishop - Weston       Kids Health Care: Nutrition Information and Facts for Children and Families

1.00        Ruth Joseph - Journey into Vegetarianism

2.00        Pat Reeves (Food Alive) - Applying plant-based nutrition for inner-healing

3.00        Tim Barford (Yaoh) with Neil Robinson (ex - Everton FC) - Raw Energy and Hemp Smoothies

4.00        Amanda Woodvine  - Getting the balance right: nutrition for older                                vegetarians and vegans

5.00        Skip - The Naked Health Detective - The Secrets of Vitality Stripped Bare




12:00 - Janey lee grace - is living in the 21st century making you sick?

Janey Lee Grace (from BBC Radio 2' Steve Wright in the Afternoon, and author of 5 books on natural living including the Number One Amazon Best seller Imperfectly Natural Woman asks ‘ Is living in the 21st Century making you Sick?' Janey will share her recommendations on how to avoid the hidden dangers of harmful chemicals in modern day life, and stay healthy, she will also ask is your skincare harming you, and ‘are your household cleaning products and electromagnetic pollution affecting your wellbeing?


13:00 - SASKIA fraser - raw food energy for busy lives

Raw Food Mentor and Life Coach Saskia Fraser discusses the benefits of introducing a strong element of raw food into your diet. In this accessible talk Saskia will explain what raw food is and how it works with your body to de-stress and energise you, helping you to get so much healthier, look more youthful and attain your natural weight. Saskia will be sharing practical raw food tips so you can easily integrate delicious and nutritious raw food recipes into your busy schedule to help improve your energy and wellbeing long term.


14:00 - Mellissa Morgan (Ms. Cupcake) - How to replace animal products in your baking

Struggling to veganize your favourite cake recipes or want to expand past your current recipe repertoire? Mellissa Morgan (Ms. Cupcake) will take you through the world of vegan baking substitutions and you'll learn why you don't need milk, eggs or butter in any recipe. She'll guide you through some easy tricks and tips as outlined in her recent cookbook - Ms. Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Bakes in Town.

15:00 - Neil Kingham - The Health Secrets Of Traditional Diets

Discover the nutritional secrets of traditional diets from around the globe, and the dangers of modern food processing techniques. in this talk, Neil Kingham, a Bristol-based nutritional therapist and lecturer for the College Of Naturopathic Medicine, will share lots of practical advice and tips for surviving the modern diet, and improving your health on all levels.

16:00 - ange de lumiere - go green with your slimming

Planet Slim SoulTM offers a holistic green sustainable gentle yet very efficient way of slimming without scales, eating plan, calorie counting, or strenuous exercise. It is based on the Seven golden rules of slimming of the book Journey of the Slim Soul. Instead of trying to control the effects of weight issues, it goes to the root of the issue, making the rest of the slimming journey easy and effortless. The talk will impart some of the excitement at this radical new approach which encourages a whole life detox: encouraging people to eat mindfully, to cook wholesome nutritious organic vegetarian food, to use ecologically friendly products in the home and more generally to detox their lives and lifestyle to lead happier healthier and more ecologically friendly lives.

You can find out more about it at and or contact me on 07914606729 or We also have a Facebook page.


17:00 - Kevin Daw (Soul Juices Mobile Juice Bar) - Juicing, Enzymes and Raw food

Come and join me for an interactive talk on juicing, raw food and enzymes. I will be doing a juicing demo and invite the audience to sample some of the drinks I make.

Why should we juice? Why not eat the food? Over time due to eating and drinking the wrong kind of things our digestive systems become over burdened and less efficient. As we get older our enzyme account gets depleted which means the body cannot absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the food we eat. The nutrients contained in raw live juice are extremely easy for the body to digest, extract the nutrients, and dispose of any waste.


12:00 - Yvonne bishop-weston - Kids Health Care: Nutrition Information and Facts for Children and Families

5 minutes of discovery for an optimum nutrition recipe for Kids health and healthy diet plan ideas. Plant based diet solutions for what kids should eat, and why, and what we need to keep out of children's diets to offer them best chance for a happy healthy future. She reveals life is not a health lottery, there are easy, risk reducing, health insurance diet steps you can take.

13:00 - Ruth Joseph

Ruth Joseph, author of Warm Bagels and Apple Strudel (publishedby Kyle Books), and her daughter Sarah Nathan, joint creator of Veggiescmooze, pressent:

Journey into Vegetarianism

"As a professional caterer I needed fresh eggs and discovered the horrors of battery cages. A change in career, led me to study nutrition under the guidance of Patrick Holford. Ten years in practice showed me that good vegetarian food can be perfect medicine. And although I have suffered from ME, I used the magic of a vegetarian/ almost vegan diet, plus exercise, to restore my health." - Ruth Joseph

Ruth will be serving Vegan Magic Moments for a lovely finale.



I will be 68 this coming autumn and based in the West Midlands. I am amazed at how fast the years pass and enthralled to have existed far longer than I should with an intractable cancer. As my occupation, I practice Nutritional and Functional Medicine. I have been in this field for a quarter of a century and work with all manner of compromised health problems, from the serious to those that are simply very annoying and decrease the quality of life for those suffering. I am also Gen Sec to British Drug-Free Power-lifting Association, National event promoter, holding the current World Dead-lift and Bench-Press record in my age and bodyweight category, International referee and coach, travelling world-wide. A very busy though super-rewarding life!

15.00 - Tim Barford (yaoh) with neil robinson (ex everton fc) - Raw energy and hemp smoothies

Tim from Yaoh has been vegan nealry 30 years now and eats a hi raw vegan diet with lots of hemp in it. In this talk Tim looks at raw energy and hemp seeds and includes a short hemp smoothie demo. His special guest Neil Robinson is the UK's first top flight professional footballer to play on a vegan diet and Neil will be talking about what works for him and about what it was like to go vegan in 1980 and play at the top level.


16:00 - Amanda Woodvine - Vegetarian for Life Coordinator, England - Getting the balance right: nutrition for older vegetarians and vegans 

According to a national survey, older people living in institutions often lack certain vitamins and minerals. Worryingly, nutrient deficiencies affect around four in ten older adults, which can lead to a vicious cycle of infection. Public health nutritionist Amanda Woodvine explains which nutrients to take special care over in and out of a care setting, easy ways to get them, and will be on hand to answer any questions specific to catering for older vegetarians or vegans.


17:00 skip - the naked health detective - The Secrets of Vitality Laid Bare

Learn how our biggest challenges can become our biggest blessings. You'll learn the limitless power that we can all tap into using some easy to apply principles. You'll be amazed, entertained and inspired by Skip's personal story who went from being in traction for 6 months motionless, being told by Doctors and some of the worlds best medical experts that he would never walk again and would be spending the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Refusing to believe this Skip started studying the power of the Mind, Body & Spirit and not only was he able to learn how to walk, run and jump again but he eventually went back to gymnastics and won the British Championships for Gymnastics again. Using these principles you can transform any area of your life.

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