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Talks - Campaigns & Lifestyle

Talks - campaigns and lifestyle



12.00 Liz Tyson (CAPS)  - Results of brand new CAPS investigation launched!

1.00    John - Dogs Mountain - The Phillipines

2.00   Darren  -   Sea Shepherd Update

3.00    Kerry McCarthy - Parliamentary Report

4.00    Victoria Martindale - Who is the Lab Rat?

5.00    Lee Coates - Ethical Investors - Cruelty free Money



12.00    Ruth Semple - Vegan Society - Taking the Sunflower to the Next Level

1.00     Dean Bracher - Motivation and Change

2.00     Fiona Oakes - Taking Veganism to the Extreme

3.00     Ben Frost - Our Troubled Relationship with Animals 

4.00     Tony Wardle (Viva!) - Saving the World with you Knife and Fork

5.00     Hayley Dann - Wild Futures - The Primate Pet Trade and Why it Must End - Joey's Story




12:00 - Liz Tyson (CAPS)

Results of brand new CAPS investigation launched!

Director of the Captive Animals' Protection Society, Liz Tyson, will present the findings of a brand new investigation which is currently being carried out by the organisation. In addition, Liz will outline the important next steps for CAPS' campaigns to end the exploitation of captive animals. More details to be confirmed.

13:00 - John - Dogs Mountain - The Philippines

Dogs Mountain - Philippines
An Inspiring story of an Artist who sells his house in
Brighton and buys a Mountain in the Philippines to build a Sanctuary for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. Starting with a simple bamboo hut in 2006, Dogs Mountain, has evolved into a small village caring for over 200 rescued dogs. A visitors center open all year, offers a warm welcome to international Volunteers who stay free in return for helping with the dogs. Travellers can pay to stay, further helping this non profit venture. Dogs Mountain supports the "notodogmeat" campaign for SE Asian animal welfare groups.


14:00 - Darren - Sea Shepherd Update

No shortage of drama here as Darren gives us the latest update from one of the world's most succesfull campaigning groups, in a talk not to be missed by anyone looking for a bit of inspiration in how to take on the big guys and succeed. For a little taster, check out this latest report...

'We blocked the re-fuelling in Antarctic waters that was guaranteed to result in another oil spill and the whalers are now heading North.'


15:00 - kerry mccarthy - parliamentary report

Kerry will give an update on what has been happening in politics recently that affects or is likely to be of interest to vegans, including: the Government's response to the horse meat scandal, and to recent authoritative reports highlighting the health problems caused by meat and fast food consumption; the cosmetics testing ban (and what comes next); hunting (will this Government try to reverse the ban?); badgers, bees, endangered species and other environmental/ animal welfare issues.


16:00 - Victoria Martindale - Who is the lab rat?

Victoria looks at the evidence to show how unscientific animal testing is. It is wasting millions of tax payers money while not delivering human health benefits and of course inflicts huge amounts of pain, suffering and death on countless animals in vain. The science shows that no amount of testing new drugs and human diseases on mice, rabbits and monkeys will predict the human response, so it begs the question, who is the real lab rat here? As in all lifestyle choices, it is possible to carry out medical research cruelty free, in fact it would be of greater medical benefit.
A dog or your child? - a dog AND your child.

Join the voice to bring an end to this deliberate and unnecessary cruelty of unimaginable proportions that is so incongruent with today's science and technology


17:00 - lee coates - ethical investors - cruelty free money

You might be Cruelty Free - but is your money?  Lee Coates OBE, architect of the principles of Cruelty Free Money, discusses the ways our financial system exploits animals every minute of every day. If you have a bank or savings account, ISA, Pension or any other form of investment, find out how you to apply your cruelty free/veggie/vegan values to your money. He'll also introduce you to the real bankers and investors responsible for the current financial crisis.

If you don't apply our values to your money, you allow someone else apply their values to your money, or worse, no values at all.



12:00 - Ruth Semple - Vegan Society - Taking the Sunflower to the Next Level

Ruth Semple reveals how The Vegan Society is reaching for new heights.


13:00 - dean bracher - motivation and change

Why in this day and age do we need to care? Well, with all the things going on around us then maybe it's time we made a difference and acted on that desire for it to change. This talks will help you down that road and will look at our lifestyle and where it gets us and then the positive steps towards something that can improve not only ours but everyones! We will share our journey and where it as taken us and then learn new ideas that can make it more rewarding and get us motivated to act rather than stand by while things stay the same. It's for anyone wanting to learn about the ethics of compassion and being open to lifestyles that are new and sometimes seem different! We'll learn together that they are not and now is the time to act!

14:00 - Fiona Oakes - Taking veganism to the extreme

Life long vegan, elite Marathon runner, Marathon des Sables finisher and North Pole Marathon Champion, Fiona Oakes takes veganism to the extreme whilst combining her training with caring for the 400 previously neglected, unwanted and abused animals at her Sanctuary in Essex.

Fiona will speak about her adventures in the Desert, the North Pole, her Marathon experiences and victories and her passionate belief in her ethical, vegan lifestyle and diet. She will also discuss how she juggles her rigorous training schedule with the daily task of providing for the animals.


15:00 - Ben Frost - Our Troubled Relationship With Animals

Do we all believe it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals? ... What constitutes unnecessary? Surely, If it means anything at all, it must mean it is wrong to inflict suffering and death on animals for reasons of pleasure, amusement, convenience, or habit...

Ben Frost is a Vegan advocate and musician from the Midlands, with a slightly different approach to Animal Rights than the mainstream movement. The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights - founded by Gary L. Francione - will be the baseline for his talk, calling upon simple ideas and truths that majority of us already believe, resulting in one simple answer to the ever overcomplicated issue of our relationship towards non-human animals.

Covering all ground from our 'Moral Schizophrenia' towards animals, to the Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare debate, this talk will be controversial, enlightening, and certainly not one to miss.'



Tony Wardle is Viva!'s associate director and author of the environmental report, Diet of Disaster. His talk is called Saving the World With Your Knife and Fork and, one by one, he goes through the great environmental catastrophes that threaten the planet and brutally exposes how politics and profit are destroying our world. At the heart of almost every one is livestock farming. People keep talking but the trees keep falling; superbugs just keep on appearing; deserts keep on spreading, land keeps on degrading and the planet keeps on getting warmer - all (largely) thanks to livestock producers. And the Government's response? They keep on subsidising it to the tune of £4 billion annually.


17:00 - Hayley Dann - The Primate Pet Trade and Why it Must End - Joey's Story

A talk by Hayley Dann of leading primate charity, Wild Futures on the current state of the primate pet trade in the UK and the damaging effects it has on these intelligent, social and complex animals. Wild Futures runs The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, the only accredited sanctuary in Europe. The Sanctuary is currently home to 36 monkeys, many ex-pets. All of the monkeys that reside there display issues both mentally and physically following their time kept as pets. This talk will centre on one particular monkey, Joey, who was rescued in 2007.


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