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Bristol VegfestUK 2013 extends a huge welcome and thanks to our Supersize Sponsors, Redwood Wholefoods.




Redwood Wholefoods are one of the best known producers of vegan products in the UK today, with a string of successful and innovative meat and dairy free creations that are a firm favourite in many 21st century households.

One of their most incredible products is the 'Super Melting Cheezly Mozzarella' which looks and feels just like the real thing and actually melts just like real cheese, which means it can be used as a superb ingredient in its own right in a multitude of dishes such as pizza, lasagne and cheeseburgers. With their almost unparalleled range of sausages and burgers there's never a dull moment in a vegan kitchen with Redwoods to hand - particularly when it comes to festive occasions with whole vegan roasts available. And that's not all, as well as over 40 'meat and cheese' products, the company have now ventured into the specialist oils market (including flax, hemp, omega seed, and coconut oils), & have their own range of dairy free desserts available too, as well as fudge and chocolate and a host of other products.





Redwood will be at Bristol 2013 for three days in full effect with a a catering operation outside for those who want to indulge in eating out big time with some of their best selling products available. They will also be serving free tasters from a variety of other products from their range, and you can of course buy many of their products on the day too.





Big thanks to Redwood for their support of VegfestUK Bristol 2013 - they sponsored our first show back in 2003 and have been big favourites ever since.





Check out their full range at


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