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Pat Reeves


Pat Reeves


Pat is appearing at Bristol on Sunday at 2pm in the Nutritions Talks Room




'Applying plant-based nutrition for inner-healing'

'I will be 68 this coming autumn and based in the West Midlands. I am amazed at how fast the years pass and enthralled to have existed far longer than I should with an intractable cancer. As my occupation, I practice Nutritional and Functional Medicine. I have been in this field for a quarter of a century and work with all manner of compromised health problems, from the serious to those that are simply very annoying and decrease the quality of life for those suffering. I am also Gen Sec to British Drug-Free Power-lifting Association, National event promoter, holding the current World Dead-lift and Bench-Press record in my age and bodyweight category, International referee and coach, travelling world-wide. A very busy though super-rewarding life!'

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