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Bristol VegfestUK 2013 gives a warm welcome to our amazing Extra Large Sponsors, Nakd Wholefoods.

Nakd wholefoods have one of the most sucesful and biggest ranges of natural snack bars available in the UK today. These fantastic creations tick all the boxes including the most important one - they taste awesome. Available in 7 different flavours, the bars have no added sugar or syrup, are of course 100% vegan, as well as being wheat, gluten and dairy free. They are perfect for snacking and lunchboxes and combine being a truly healthy snack with being exceptionally yummy too. Irresistable once eaten and fortunatley available in bulk, especially at Brighton where the whole range will be available to sample and buy at special discount rates.

Nakd have been supporting a number of vegan events including our own for several years now and it's great to see them growing and spreading the healthy vegan message so far and wide into the mainstream. The bars are either 100% or 95% raw too, with a combination of healthy fats in each one giving etxra energy and zest to an already nutrient packed bar.

Available in 7 flavours -

Cocoa Delight
Ginger Bread
Cashew Cookie
Pecan Pie
Cocoa Orange
Cocoa Mint
Berry Delight

Nakd have a range of flavoured raisins available too in a variety of styles including Tangy Lime, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Crazy Cola and Cherry - and they also have a bunch of other bars out too known as 'Oatie' bars - just raw fruits, oats, nuts and spices mixed together. Thanks to the added oats, they're slightly denser, chewier and less sweet than the other bars in their range - and they remain free from added sugar, syrup, wheat, gluten and dairy and are 100% vegan.
Available in 4 varieties -

Cocoa Loco
Berry Cheeky
Banana Bread
Apple Pie

Check their range out at





 Munch, munch, munch the new Nākd Protein Crunch bars

What’s crunchy, gluten free, packed full of goodness and utterly scrumptious? Nākd Protein Crunch bars of course! Oh yes, Nākd is giving you another reason to love its yummy bars with the launch of a new range that’s designed to keep you going, going, going for longer.


The new Nākd Crunch bars contain a delicious combination of fruit, nuts and protein crunchies, all smooshed together into a handbag friendly bar. With 5.5 grams (18%) of added protein, each bar has a wonderfully crunchy texture, slowly releasing energy for a lasting boost. All this extra goodness will keep you feeling fuller for longer, making the bars perfect for every tummy rumbling occasion, whether it’s at breakfast, mid-morning, during the afternoon or pre and post exercise.

Available in four fantastic flavours – tangy Apple, ripe Banana, sweet Strawberry and chocolatey Cocoa - the products are also wheat, dairy and gluten free. These bars join the existing Nākd bar range, which include nine mouth-watering flavours, from Ginger Bread and Cocoa Orange, to the new Caffé Mocha and Rhubarb & Custard.

The full Natural Balance Foods range is available to purchase from the website (

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@nakd_wholefoods) and ‘like’ us on Facebook ( 





Natural Balance Foods has revamped its TREK Protein Flapjack range by introducing exciting new flavours, an improved recipe and bright new packaging that features scenes from the beautiful British countryside, along with a Union Jack flag to reflect the brand’s British heritage.


Available from the beginning of March, there are six delicious new flavours to choose from - Oat Raisin, Banana Bread, Original Oat, Cocoa Oat, Cocoa Coconut and Morning Berry. Adding a whole new taste sensation to the range, Cocoa Coconut and Cocoa Oat both have a scrumptious chocolate topping that, when combined with yummy oats and protein crunchies, creates a flapjack that’s hard to refuse.

The handmade flapjacks are made using a new recipe that now contains gluten free oats, less fat and sugar than ever before, and a whopping 20% more protein - between 9-10g per bar - to banish those niggling hunger pangs and help you feel fuller for longer.

Each wonderfully gluten free oatie flapjack is wrapped in colourful packaging that depicts the Union Jack flag, as well as different images from across the country, whether it’s rolling hills and dramatic coastline, or idyllic sunrises and sunsets.

The handmade bars are also fantastically filling, making them perfect for those in search of a nutritious breakfast option, a tasty treat with a cup of tea, or a way to refuel pre and post exercise – even if you’re planning to climb a mountain. 





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