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Media Opportunity


Would you like to be featured in the media?



We’re looking for women aged 18-50 who would be happy to be a case study for national and local press. This would entail being interviewed by a PR and providing high res head shots of themselves, preferably at VegfestUK (but can just be a normal headshot if not) that they are happy to see published in a national newspaper, magazine and/or local publication. Their story would then be developed into a case study for their approval, to pitch into national newspapers/magazines and local press for publication.


We are looking for women with the following stories:


·         A woman who has lost weight as a result of going vegan after learning more when she went to VegfestUK - perhaps she learnt about detoxing, attended one of the talks and it changed her life.

·         A woman whose health has improved as a result of going vegan after being inspired at VegfestUK

·         Someone who was once an omnivore/pescatarian/flexatarian/vegetarian and completely changed their diet and went vegan once they experienced VegfestUK and sampled the food.

·         Women from various walks of life and/or with a dramatic story to tell about their veganism, which has a link to VegfestUK.

·         Someone who found romance at VegfestUK or has some kind of romantic/wedding link to the event. Perhaps they were proposed to at VegFestUK.

·         A mum who always takes their children to VegfestUK and has found the event has helped inspire her to change their families’ diet, making it healthier. Perhaps they are now healthier because they changed to a vegan diet or the vegan foods that they were eating before weren’t as healthy, but something at VegfestUK helped them get on the right track.

·         Any other interesting female case studies linked in some way to VegfestUK would also be considered.


Please contact Ian or Jenny Liddle on  or!/jenny.liddle.96

or you can tweet to for further details.



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