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Main Stage - Daytime

main stage daytime


12.00           Flame of Fervour

1.00             Sam Monaghan

2.00             Dan Korn & The Choppy Waters

3.00             Owen Penrice

4.00             De Fuego

5.00             Howlin' Mat



12.00         Josh Milton

1.00           Caddy Cooper 

2.00           Mr Dowlands Midnight

3.00           Al & The Sunflowers

4.00           Big Joe Bone

5.00           Ben Jordan






De Fuego

De fuego are a sensational guitar duo, playing energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. From different backgrounds, Edina Balczo is a Hungarian self-taught guitarist, but became extremely popular on Youtube and Davide Lufrano Chaves is Italian/Costa Rican and studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio Puccini gaining his Masters Degree in Music. De Fuego have come a long way since these humble beginnings when they were buskers in different markets across London. During the second summer since playing together De Fuego performed at various UK festivals and clubs, including Glastonbury and the world famous Ronnie Scott's. Their first album, "Bluebird", is now available to order from their website or to download through CD baby.

Flame of Fervour

Flame; state of burning, burn brightly, intense passion.
Fervour; great intensity of feeling or belief.
Flame of Fervour are an acoustic duo evoking an atmospherically intense journey of reflection and connection. Through the deep reverberations of their despondently tuned guitar, the rhythmic vibrations of the cajon and the hypnotic bittersweet melodies, they will captivate your spirit with their unique sound.
Awaken now... to your emotions...

Sam Monaghan

Drawing influence from the deep well of the classic American songwriters - Dylan, Young, Mitchell - and smelting it together with a plethora of modern sounds from punk to traditional folk, 20 year old troubadour Sam Monaghan creates deep, powerful music driven by acoustic instruments, acrobatic melodies and razor sharp lyrics. Originally hailing from the Steel City of Sheffield, Sam relocated to London in September of 2011 to hone his craft and his powerful live performances have since led him to become a prominent figure on the acoustic circuit of the Big Smoke. Download Sam's debut EP for free at


Dan Korn & The Choppy Waters

Songwriter Dan Korn's guitar led folk, weaves enchanting melodies around exquisitely crafted lyrics. Dan's moving songs are "like a long sob laden with farewells".
Cutting his teeth in London pubs Dan has become a respected performer, mixing angelic vocals with his bluesy guitar, all of it charged with energy. 
Dan is currently playing on stage with 'The Choppy Waters'; Paul Michelmore (harmonica and banjo) and Joe Sharp (double bass and trumpet). They are looking forward to a busy year playing gigs and festivals across the country. Their second EP "Into The Warm" was released in September 2012 along with their new music video for the title track. Video link:  Website link:



Owen Penrice


Owen Penrice is from Torquay in Devon and writes and records his own tracks on life and his youthful experiences. You get lost in this artist, as you follow in his reality stories. From the funny, to the serious, to even his first love song! The room drops in silence as soon as Owen opens his mouth. This musician is a captivator completely in his own right and style too. Owen has a distinctive vocal ad throws in some rap for good measure! When performing Owen takes to stage with just his guitar l. Feeling fresh and raw this adds to Owen's captivation.
By Hit The Floor Magazine


Howlin’ Mat

Howlin' Mat is every inch the blues man and one hell of a guitar player. His wife did leave him, he did lose his house and sleep in his car, he does have no money and his back does hurt. When you hear Howlin’ Mat’s tales of cheap hotels, too much alcohol, late nights and fast food, you know it comes straight from the heart. This is no fancy fair with the rough edges all polished and made squeaky clean but the real raw roots deal honed through his many live appearances up and down the UK.



Josh Milton

Born the 14th May 1993, I was brought up in the quiet suburbs of Bristol in South West England. Musically I started playing guitar when I was little and it has probably been the one thing that I’ve stuck at doing. Since I started songwriting I have taken influence from a decent handful of artists, particularly from the likes of Ben Howard, Mumford & Sons and a little bit of old school Zepplin thrown in the mix tooI like to keep busy and get out as much as I can, love chilling out with people and just generally being a stereotypical teenager sitting around trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Big love from Bristol,Josh




Caddy Cooper is a West Australian acoustic blues and folk singer songwriter. This self confessed troubadour weaves an irresistible tapestry with vivacious melodies and poignant stories of the souls encountered on her travels. Caddy entices her audience into the most intimate and exhilarating of emotional landscapes with tales of life, love, loss and the fragility of the human condition. With a ‘little Martin' guitar and a voice of epic proportion, Caddy Cooper gives a live performance guaranteed to leave you smiling and humming her tunes for days afterwards; an experience not to be missed.   


Mr Dowland's Midnight is Simon Leach on oud and Knud Stuwe on guitar.

We named ourselves after one of John Dowland's most melancholy lute pieces which we perform alongside traditional Middle Eastern and Sephardic music.
We also play our own arrangements of music by Eric Satie and Lennon & McCartney, as well as Jazz, blues and anything else that takes our fancy.


Al & The Sunflowers


You'd be forgiven for thinking it's all about Alexandra's looks and distinctive voice. But you'd be missing the point... invest a little more time, listen a little deeper and you'll realise it's also about the clever, witty lyrics; the memorable melodies and the fabulous latin/jazz/swing flavoured arrangements from those talented Sunflowers!
"There's a thin line that separates the seductively sexy from the overtly trashy. Alexandra Legouix knows where that line is and with the backing of The Sunflowers, she explores the limits of the seductive side without pushing it too far. Her lovely, slightly husky, intensely sultry voice would stand well on its own, but is instead paired up with some marvelously exotic arrangements... these sounds match the sensual lyrics to form an EP that oozes musical talent as much as it oozes sex appeal" (by Heath Andrews, reviewing "Relax... I Won't Bite...")




Big Joe Bone are Danny Wilson and Ivor Aldred...two friends from Wales who love to play delta/country blues, roots and ragtime music. Danny on vocals, stomp box, fingerstyle & bottleneck slide guitar, and Ivor blowing harmonica. Influenced by pre-war delta bluesmen like Son House, Bukka White and Robert Johnson, as well as modern musicians like John Hammond and Charlie Parr.....Danny and Ivor play fast, furious foot stomping music, as well as more subtle, dulcet blues.
Go to to find out more.



Ben Jordan


Ben Jordan can best be classified as a 21st century troubadour. 2010 saw the release of his critically acclaimed "Ghosts Breathing through Our Strings" & finally a European tour. Little did he know his life would be changed forever by this decision.
Due to a series of mis-communications, Ben found himself stranded in the UK, with no gigs, no money and nowhere to live. Retreating to Cornwall, he rebuilt his life, note-by-note, song-by-song, gig-by-gig. Settling in Cornwall, Ben has been electrifying audiences with a newfound optimism. He has taken this outlook from the streets of England's West Country to the stages of major festivals and all manner of venues in between.

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