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Fiona Oakes


Fiona Oakes

Marathon Runner

Fiona is visiting VegfestUK Bristol on Sunday May 26th

She is doing a talk at 2pm

My name is Fiona Oakes, I am a lifelong vegan, sportsperson, fire fighter and animal welfare/rights campaigner and carer. I currently combine caring for over 400 rescued animals at my Sanctuary in Essex with the duties of a retained Fire fighter and the commitments of an elite Marathon runner. In recognition of my work for animals and the promotion of veganism I was recently invited to become an Honorary Patron of the Vegan Society. In 2012 I became the first lifelong vegan woman to complete the toughest foot race on the planet - the Marathon des Sables. In 2013 I plan to become the first vegan to compete in the North and South Pole Marathons - described as the harshest races known to man. By doing so, I hope to become the first woman to complete the 7 Marathons plus Polar Challenge ie. running a Marathon on every Continent plus the Polar Ice Cap hence taking veganism to the furthest and most extreme parts of the globe.










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