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Bute Island


VegfestUK Bristol 2013 would like to say a huge welcome and thanks to our extra large Sponsors, Bute Island.

Bute Island



Bute Island are the proud creators of the Sheese brand of vegan cheeses, making all their products at their custom built factory on the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland. A variety of textures and flavours makes the Sheese range a must have product for many vegan households, and being dairy free is of course an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant too. Recently Bute island have brought out some new products - the brand new Melty, in two flavours (Mild Cheddar and Red Cheddar), which (as the title suggests) manages to melt most satisfacorily therby making it a most excellent choice for pizzas, lasagnes and other dishes that require that essential ingredient - melting cheese. For years vegan have had to forgo this luxury but suddenly, just like the buses there are several really good plant based alternatives in the melting cheese department that have all come along at once, and once again Bute Island leads the way with this innovative, tasty and versatile product that takes another big leap forward into the world of cruelty free healthy optiuons that will become the by word of the 21st century.

The Bute Island team are more than just cheese producers though - one look at their website and you will see a plethora of philisophical and wise words and a deep underlying lifelong commitment to a world of peace, harmony and a plant based lifestyle that further deepens their credentials as one of the World's leading ethical and evry special companies - the real McCoy, as they say. And again Bute Island extend their wholehearted and generous support for VegfestUK Bristol for the 7th year running in the way of sponsorship anbd support. Events like this would never have survived this long without the support of producers like Bute Island and the vegan public esepcially should be full of respect for this beautiful bunch of individuals that make up the close knit team that is Bute Island.

The Sheese product range includes

· 9 'Hard' cheeses in the following flavours: Blue Style, Cheddar Style with Chives, Cheshire, Edam, Gouda, Medium Cheddar, Mozzarella, Smoked Cheddar and Strong Cheddar

· 5 'Creamy' Cheeses in the following flavours: Cheddar, Chives, Original, Mexican Style, Garlic & Herbs

· 2 'Melty' Cheeses in the following flavours: Mild Cheddar, Red Cheddar

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