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The Vegan Society

Bristol VegfestUK 2012 gives a warm welcome to our amazing Silver Sponsors, The Vegan Society.



The Vegan Society is approaching its 70th birthday and continues to flourish at the front line of educating and informing people of the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. Their publication The Vegan won a VegfestUK award in 2011 for the best vegan magazine and rightly so - its well put together, informative and fun, occasionally controversial but mainly just a really good read once every 3 months. The Society also have an excellent and informative website and facebook page and can be seen at shows up and down the country, and welcome you all to become a member of the Society for a small fee, which includes a subscription to their magazine so excellent value all round. Big thanks once again for their wholehearted support for our events!


Take a look at their website for further information: www.vegansociety.com


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