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Nutrition & Weight Management

Friday May 25th

3pm       Julian Jones - Bristol Friends of the Earth

4pm        Stephan Brandmeier - Topas - Meat free alternatives

5pm        Darren Craddock   Whole food nutrition. Why superfoods must be part of any weight management plan!

Saturday May 26th

12            Dean Rees - Evans  - Understanding Living Consciousness

1pm         Dawn Houghton - Raw Alchemy - 'Gracefully Raw - 2012 and Beyond'

2pm         Richie A. Watson  - 'Non - Attachment Raw Foodhism'

3pm         Ben (Pulsin') - Vegan Protein Powders  

4pm         William Bedford - The Human Cost of Meat

5pm         Darren Collis - Get Involved with Sea Shepherd

Sunday May 27th

12                  Kirsty Bethell - Living with a Veg Box - The best step to health and weight management

1pm               Fiona Oakes - Elite vegan athelete & Animal Carer

2pm               Rebecca Henderson - The Vegan Society - Ditch the diets - Improve your diet

3pm               Natural Vitality (Sarah's Take) - Convincing People that vegan food isnt just a load of old lentils

4pm               Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Mood Foods

5pm               Tim Barford (Yaoh) - Hemp Smoothies

Natural Vitality - Convincing people that vegan food isnt just a load of old lentils

Our Natural Vitality range has the organic, healthy, nutritious side of veganism covered (although our fab cakes might not quite construe as healthy they are, at least, wheat-free as well as vegan).
Our new Sarah's Take range is taking care of the fun side of snacking by veganising classics and satisfying the trash food urge we all get once in a while (our "no piggin' pork pies" are currently a favourite).
Come along to find out more about how we're counfounding carnivores and to tell us what you'd like to see on shop shelves.

Darren Craddock - Whole food nutrition. Why superfoods must be part of any weight management plan!

In a fast paced world, nutrition often takes a back seat in what we lend utmost importance to. In addition we are barraged with an array of often conflicting information leaving us confused as to what is healthy and what is not. Thus after frequent fads, instead of trying one more diet, many of us fall back on old ways that no longer serve us, . Superfoods help us achieve our weight management goals because they combat an essential stumbling block on the goal path, that of cravings. We crave because we lack nutrition. If we want to stop cravings and perpetual snacking we must address the question of nourishing our bodies and minds with adequate minerals, vitamins and fats that superfoods are a rich source of.


Dawn Houghton -    'Gracefully Raw ~ 2012 and beyond'

Dawn Houghton invites you to explore the unlimited benefits of a living foods lifestyle. Dawn is founder of the Juicy Raw Goddess Kitchen ~ a whimsical pop up cafe that appears around the UK at festivals and events bringing funky gourmet raw meals to delight the diners! Dawn is also the Creative Chef/founder of the School of Living Raw Foods ~ which provides courses and workshops in the Art of Living Raw, from one day intro courses to full 3 week Chef Certifications *launching in 2012*, working with some of the World's leading raw educators to bring you the most awesome trainings ever!    www.schooloflivingrawfoods.com

Kirsty Bethell - Living with a Veg Box 

simply the best start to health and weight management.

It’s well established that fruit and vegetables are good for your health. Come and learn how to easily increase the ratio of fruit and vegetables in your diet, and discover how this can transform your health, reduce your weight and boost your energy. Find out what ‘organic’ really means and why it should be important to you. Then sample some simple, delicious, healthy foods, with recipe cards for you to take home and make for yourself in minutes. Kirsty is a Health Coach and owner of The Love Food Diet, and she is also a freelance consultant for Riveford Organics.. Organic vegetables are her first piece of advice for long term health and well being, so forget fad diets and get an organic veg box!

Rebecca Henderson  The Vegan Society  

"Ditch the diets - improve your diet"

Are you unhappy with your weight? It's a common problem. In Britain, over 60% of us are overweight or obese. Being underweight is more unusual, but it can also be distressing. The right diet is a crucial element of any weight management plan. Rebecca explains how adopting a balanced vegan diet can support both your weight and your health goals. And she'll give you the information you need to do that. Whether you are already vegan, an aspiring vegan, or a non-vegan looking to make more healthy choices, this talk is for you."  www.vegansociety.com

William Bedford - The Human Cost of Meat and the Ethics of Mass Eating

William Bedford, Anthropologist and Archaeologist, will explore the some of the hidden ethical questions that arise from the mass production and consumption of food in the modern world - particularly meat. The suffering of animals has been well documented, but what about the people involved? Are abattoir workers inclined to violence, or does their work rob them of their humanity? What is the price being paid by them, and us, for being involved in this work? http://mass-eating ethics.blogspot.co.uk/

Juliet Gellatley - Mood Food

Four fifths of the UK population claim to be low on energy. Even more say they become impatient too quickly. Our nation takes over 800 million anti-depressants pa. There are many factors involved but when you are feeling low or irritable, or your memory isn’t what it should be, do you ever question the role of your diet?

Juliet explores the role of food in our mood. She explains what nutrients are needed for ‘happy hormones’, good munchies for motivation and the best brain boosters. She explains why meat can drag you down and fruit can make you well, fruity! A fascinating insight into the impact of food on our mind and soul. www.viva.org.uk


Tim Barford (Yaoh Hemp Products)

Tim has been living on a plant based lifestyle for the best part of 30 years - and hemp is the mainstay of his diet. In his demos he shows how to whip up several hemp smoothies packed full of nutrients and tasting absolutley fabulous. Tim also explains the basics of hemp nutrition and why this amazing seed is truly the superfood of the century. Expect a lot of fun, loads of info in an informal and easy fashion, and some most excellent smoothies to sample,  and take away the recipe to recreate at home! sorted. www.yaoh.co.uk

Dean - Rees evans   Understanding Living Consciousness

This talk will be a fascinating exploration of how we can all fall back naturally into happiness – exploring the Three Spiritual Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the true source of human happiness. This is a talk that will allow you to realise something deep within yourself about the true nature of reality; how each and every one of us creates reality in the same way – and its profound effect upon your life. If you already think life is amazing, be prepared to have the carpet pulled out from underneath you as you reconnect to your own wisdom, common sense and innate psychological health. If you want to know the true source of mental well-being this is the talk for you. 

Richie A Watson - Non Attachment Raw Foodhism

Having reversed his own life-long chronic health condition with high-raw wholefoods eating, and unearthed deeply empowering insights into life transformation, Richie has since devoted his life to sharing his knowledge & experience of healing & wellness, helping people uncover the life igniting potential of raw wholefoods, juicing, wholistic lifestyle, and "HD Living"; Guiding joyful transitions into healthier, happier life experiences thru his writing, personal guidance, talks & workshops. After touring in 2011 sharing his story, Richie returns to the UK from “The Valley of Longevity” -Vilcabamba, Ecuador, to share deeper with us his alchemical life journey, and liberating guidance into Wholistic Wellbeing.

Connect with Richie - www.facebook.com/risingup.co.uk

Ben Lewis (Pulsin' Ltd) - Vegan Protein Powders

Ben is the Nutritionist at Pulsin’ Ltd and is responsible for designing their range of nutrition bars and protein powders. He has a particular interest in experimenting with vegan and gluten free recipes. This talk will cover the benefits of using protein powders, some simple recipes including demos, and describe how to incorporate these into a balanced vegan diet. It will also explore the role of protein in the body and perhaps explain why this food group attracts so much attention and even controversy within the world of nutrition! www.pulsin.co.uk 




Stephan Brandmeier - Topas - meat free alternatives

"One man´s meat is another man´s poison" -it´s a common saying, and it´s the bitter truth. The Western World´s hunger for meat devastates countries, wipes out entire species & kills people. Industrial livestock farming is the biggest threat to the already endangered world climate. - Good to know, that the solution to this mess is already in our hands: tasty, meat-alike vegan alternatives to sausages, slices, schnitzel, steaks and other popular meat products. Mouth-watering "Wheaty" products, based on organic wheat protein, taste just like the real thing. Talk to the experts from Topas and learn how to save the world by enjoying dainties.



Fiona Oakes - elite vegan athlete and animal carer


Fiona is an elite Vegan marathon runner and Carer for around 400 rescued animals at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary in Essex. She represented the UK at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 at Cycling and now holds 4 Marathon course records, two in the UK & two in Finland. Vegan all her adult life she demonstrates that sporting performance can be successfully delivered on the back of a cruelty free lifestyle. This year Fiona became the first Vegan female to complete the Marathon des Sables, the toughest footrace on the Planet, 156 miles across the Sahara carrying all your food & supplies for the week.



Darren Collis - Get involved with sea shepherd



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