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Campaigns & Lifestyle

Friday May 25th

3pm             Martin Fodor - Greening Your Business and Reaping the Rewards

4pm             Rosie Miles - Kaliyoga: The Inside Story

5pm             The Vegan Society - Enjoying Vegan Living: An Insider's Guide

Saturday May 26th

12                 Rebecca Edwards - College of Naturopathic Medicine - Managing Seasonal Allergies naturally

1pm              Daniel Therkelsen - The Vegan Society - Overcoming hurdles in being a teen vegan

2pm              Wietse Van Der Verf - The Black Fish - Taking Action for Sea Life

3pm              Tony Wardle (Viva!) - Saving the World with your Knife & Fork

4pm               Darren Collis - Sea Shepherd

5pm              Andrew Knight - Extreme Vegan Sports - extremely good fun!

Sunday May 27th

12                  Dean Bracher - Veganism - Moving beyond Prejudice

1pm               Amanda Baker - The Vegan Society - How can I find More Vegan Stuff in Shops?'

2pm               Neil Kingham - Nourishing Life with The Chinese Health Arts

3pm               Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Why You Don't Need Meat or Dairy

4pm               Rod Skinner (Vegan Organic Network) - Vegan Organic Growing

5pm               Caroline Carr - Veggie Va Va Voom! - Love being veggie, be confident, sparkle and have fun'

Juliet Gellatley  - Why You Don’t Need Meat or Dairy!

Thought about being vegetarian or vegan? Or already changed but want to hear the latest about:

What is the natural diet of a human?

What foods help us thrive with maximum energy and vitality and why?

Do we have an inherent need for meat or dairy in our diet? When did our species start to eat meat and milk and how does this relate to our health today?

Meat is linked to many chronic diseases including various types of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes type II. Juliet explores why this is the case, explaining recent health studies in an entertaining style. She looks at the nutrients in meat and dairy and explains their impact on the human body. Juliet also explains how to have a healthy diet and invites you to join in a fun quiz about your own diet! www.viva.org.uk


Caroline Carr - Veggie Va Va Voom! -  Love being veggie -  be confident, sparkle, and have fun!'

Stay confident in your decisions, and resilient to the responses of those who still don’t quite ‘get’ vegetarians and vegans. Caroline suggests ways to tactfully deal with non-veggie/vegan family, friends and colleagues, without compromising your own beliefs and choices. Enthuse and inspire others through your passion in a gentle, diplomatic way.

Caroline Carr is the founder of MyPartnerIsDepressed.com which provides inspiration and support to those whose partner is depressed. She is a hypnotherapist, life coach and author, and has been a vegetarian for over 25 years. Caroline is an authority on developing inner strength when faced with depression and anxiety, and is an expert on building self-confidence and self-esteem. She regularly speaks at events, and provides expert comment for the media, appearing on ITV's 'This Morning', BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour', and many other BBC Local radio shows. She has written for SHE, Best, The Sunday Express, and various health publications.www.mypartnerisdepressed.com

Tony Wardle  - Saving the World with Your Knife and Fork

Almost every one of the world’s exploding environmental catastrophes has its roots on the dinner plate! Tony explores how grazing for meat and dairy animals and growing vast areas of soya and other animal feed are inexorably destroying planet Earth. And he offers the solution: change your diet – change the world! 

Tony Wardle is a journalist, writer and award-winning TV producer and helped to found Viva!. He is now its associate director and edits its magazine Viva!life. www.viva.org,uk

Rosie Miles - Kaliyoga, The Inside Story

(or how not to start a yoga retreat if you wish to remain sane)

The story of how Rosie, an actress & Jonji, a sound engineer left their home in London to brave the wilds of Andalucia in order to build their dream yoga retreat and the challenges they faced. Infestations of centipedes, irate Spanish farmers, disapproving English neighbours, disappearing guests, mad vegan chefs & exploding septic tanks stood in their way but through their passion, perseverance & wicked sense of humour they survived to tell the tale. 

Ten years later, Kaliyoga features among The Guardian's Top Ten International Retreats. Providing a consistently high standard of yoga classes, healing foods, amazing therapies & juice fasting detox, Kaliyoga is one of Europe's most successful retreat centres. 


Rebecca Edwards “Managing seasonal allergies naturally”


Summer brings longer and warmer days, sunshine and holidays. Unfortunately for a large number of people it also brings allergies that threaten to ruin that summer feeling. Many dread the warmer weather, knowing that it will be accompanied by a runny nose and sniffles, sneezing fits and itchy, watery eyes, increased breathing difficulties and even sensitive skin in the sun! Whilst common medications are a popular choice at time of year, they can often produce their own set of uncomfortable symptoms. Natural therapies though, can bring substantial relief from the symptoms of that ‘summer cold’! www.naturopathy-uk.com

Wietse Van Der Verf - The Black Fish: taking action for sea life

One of the members of the new marine protection organisation The Black Fish will talk about the problems surrounding industrial fishing and the ongoing slaughter of marine animals which goes by relatively unnoticed in European seas. Illegal whaling as continued by the  nations of Iceland and Norway, as well as animals captured for the entertainment industry will also be discussed. As The Black Fish is preparing for direct action at sea against illegal driftnets and for the protection of fish species, we are rallying support to make it happen. Hope you can join us. For more information, please visit  www.theblackfish.org

Martin Fodor - Greening Your Business and Reaping the Rewards

A master class into how to make your business/organisation more green and ethical, and how to present your ethical stance to win new customers/clients and build customer loyalty. This interactive session will demonstrate the benefits and savings to be made, strengthen your ability to present clearly and confidently, and prepare yourself for pitches and meetings with clients/customers. Martin is founder of educational project ‘Make Your Home Eco’ and has extensive public speaking experience with diverse audiences. He's worked with both professionals and the public in national and local government and social enterprises on issues such as practical waste and recycling initiatives, energy projects and advice to major businesses. martin.s.fodor@gmail.com  07905340972  



 The Vegan Society  Enjoying vegan living: An insider's guide

Are you vegan-curious - intrigued by the idea of plant-based living, but not sure where to start?   Would you like tips on finding delicious vegan food in restaurants, or where to find vegan-friendly products on the High St?  Or do you want to start making healthier, more eco-friendly or animal-friendly food choices?  Come along for practical ideas, and a chance to put all your questions to the experienced, friendly crew from The Vegan Society.  All welcome! www.vegansociety.com

Amanda Baker  Vegan Society - How can I find more vegan stuff in shops?

Buying delicious vegan food, and other appealing, affordable, vegan-friendly products has never been more straightforward.   Vegfest gives you just a taster of what is available.  Amanda will give handy tips on how to quickly spot vegan-friendly products on the High St, such as how to get the information you need without having to spend hours puzzling over product labels.   She will also share her practical ideas on how to have a positive experience when you talk to shops, manufacturers, caterers and other companies.  On Facebook? Check out the busy,  friendly "Suitable for Vegans (UK)"Facebook group for more products and tips. www.vegansociety.com

Neil Kingham  'Nourishing Life With The Chinese Health Arts'

Discover 'Yang Sheng' - The self-help and self-development techniques of Chinese Medicine. Using diet and nutrition, self acupressure, breathing, exercise and relaxation techniques (Qi Gong) and by following seasonal changes, you can reduce stress, boost energy and move towards optimum health and well-being on all levels. In this presentation, Chinese medicine teacher, practitioner and author Neil Kingham shares with you the 'Radiant Health System' for putting these ancient arts into practice in the modern-day world, so you too can realise your true potential...

For more information visit www.neilkingham.com

Sea Shepherd – Come to the Sea Shepherd presentation to hear about: Antarctica update, Summer 2012 Campaigns and New Sea Shepherd Teams! Facts and figures from Divine Wind campaign - another successful season saving whales! Campaigns for 2012. Our new Sea Shepherd Teams – how to get onto a team and make a real difference for the oceans. www.seashepherd.org


Dean Bracher - Veganism: Moving beyond prejudice?

We can choose to be vegan after years of conditioning that as taught us to consume animal products and see animals as commodities and objects. We are specist in that of choosing the value of one species over another and then consume various forms of other species. In that one act we are taught, conditioned into seeing other living beings as 'things' we can use or kill if we want to. We are forced/ taught to disconnect from the consequence of our actions. If we love animals, as children do, and yet we're taught to eat them, we have to disconnect from the love we feel for them, to eat them. This is how the desensitization towards violence begins, and where violence as a cultural way of being, is taught. If we were to become a vegan culture what we would be passing on to our children is a culture of compassion, non-violence and love for all beings. As they wouldn't have to emotionally disconnect from the violence in their food, they would remain open, sensitive loving. Instead of what happens now, where children grow up not making those connection of other species and seeing them for the individuals they and we are. We can move forward and beyond this and chose to be vegan and have respect for others and ourselves in the lifestyle choices we make. We then would be passing down a culture of non-violence, love, reverence, gentleness, peace. We would be teaching our children to respect and enjoy differences, and to see all living beings as equal in the sense of not wanting to be harmed.

Rod Skinner - Vegan-Organic Growing: Green, Clean & Cruelty-free

In 1996 a group of vegans came together to form the Vegan-Organic Network. We realised that organic food was needed because of the damage to the environment, wildlife and health being done by the wide-spread use of agricultural chemicals.  However, nearly all organic food was grown using animal manures, fish and slaughterhouse by-products to replace chemical fertilisers. Buying organic food therefore subsidises the suffering and exploitation of animals. VON has developed Stockfree methods, using green manures, compost and mulches. Come and see how this works  and learn how you can do it at home! It's Organic-Plus!

Andrew Knight. Extreme vegan sports – extremely good fun!

Vegetarians are usually fitter than meat-eaters, and vegans are fittest of all! The Extreme Vegan Sporting Association was created to cater for their extreme sporting needs. This highly popular presentation graphically illustrates extreme vegan sports such as dune-tumbling, mountaineering, naked jogging, skydiving and yodelling. Special highlights include the Vegan 15 Peaks Challenge, vegans hurling themselves from aircraft to dance music, and extreme vegan ironing in Snowdonia. For the very brave there will even be some seriously satanic cooking from the Vegan Black Metal Chef! Go vegan, and be inspired! See also: www.ExtremeVeganSports.org.

Bute Island Inside Organics