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Bristol VegfestUK 2012 gives a warm welcome to our Gold Sponsors, Goodlife.


Goodlife have been producing veggie friendly food for many years now but have recently rebranded to ensure that everything in their range is now suitable for vegans too - which is an absoluetly fantastic move and one applauded by many. Companies like Goodlife are setting the pace for ensuring that all their products are now suitable for vegans as well as veggies.  Their range includes 7 main products -


  • The Fair Trade Nut Cutlet 
  • Spicy Bean Quarterpounder
  • Glamorgan Sausage
  • Fruity Falafel Quarterpounder
  • Spinach and Lentil Grill
  • Root Vegetable Roast and the 
  • Garden Vegetable Quarterpounder

Garden Veg Burger



Root Vegetable Roast



They are available in the big 4 supermarkets - Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose - as well as many independent health stores throughout the UK, and are a mainstream choice for thousands of veggie/vegan families nation wide.

We sampled the Spicey Bean Quarterpounder for lunch in the VegfestUK office recently and were very impressed - a definite spicey tang along with a really excellent crunchy golden breadcrumb coating meant the burger went down partiularly well with the team! We can't wait to try other products within the range - and it's particularly great to see that they're all vegan.

Goodlife products are well recommended, especially for families and kids and for those making the transition to a veggie or vegan diet. Also great for veggies and vegans looking for something a bit different for the weekend.
Big thanks to the team for sponsoring the event and we welcome the opportunity to sample their entire range when they come to Bristol in May!


Check their full range out at www.goodlife.co.uk.


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