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ExcellartExcellart is an ethical PR and Design team which specialises in all forms of marketing and PR with some especially good contacts within the National Media for all things ethical. Excellart also provides a dedicated design and website service which compliments the PR side of things perfectly, resulting in some outstanding results for their clients. Excellart are the ideal choice for those looking to boost the presence in the media with cost effective and targeted PR and marketing, and many clients are finding that good PR is a better marketing tool than advertising, and budgets have been switched accordingly. Exclleart have done a lot of PR for VegfestUK and previous vegan shows, often for very little in return, and deserve much thanks and praise for their efforts.


Ecotricity are the business when it comes to green electrics - way ahead of the game and growing at the rate of knots (if knots actually grow), with people switching to their ultra eco tariff all across the UK. A combination of solar, wind and now green gas is creating a revolution in the way we source our power needs, and Ecotricity is blazing a welcome trail that is leaving other energy companies in their wake. They are a really down to earth group though and have been supporting a number of vegan events for a while now, and this year have decided to sponsor us for the first time, which should bring Ecotricity even better kudos that they currently possess already.

And if that wasnt enough already to tempt you into making a switch to them, heres 3 more good reasons to go Ecotricity


Check out all the Ecotricity services from their excellent website www.ecotricity.co.uk  and they will be at the show with a stall in the Main Marquee too. And Ecotricity's founder Dale is vegan (and a former new age traveller). How cool is that!

well, just in case that isnt cool enough for you - then what about this....a wind powered car!! unbelievable, until you read all about it here http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/about/nemesis

Awesome. And the whole world is asking 'Whats next from Ecotricity?'

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