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Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary is round the back of the Main Marquee overlooking the harbourside, and sees a talks tent plus several gazebos featuring people who work with animals.

Saturday May 26th

12            Susan Edmonds (Pawing) - In the Shadows of the Jungle

1pm         Justin Kerswell (Viva!) - Deadly dairy: the real reason for the badger ‘cull’

2pm          Katie Scott-Dyer (Holly Hedge Sanctuary) - Companion Pet Behaviour Problems

3pm         Dr Andrew Knight - The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experimentation

4pm         Fleecehaven - Fleecehaven Sheep Sanctuary

5pm         Rod Skinner - Vegan Organic Network - Vegan Organic Growing

Sunday May 27th

12          Vanessa Wadden  -  Hope Rescue - Save our Strays - Give them Hope

1pm       Katy Roberts - League Against Cruel Sports

2pm       Katie Scott-Dyer (Holly Hedge Sanctuary) - Companion Pet Behaviour Problems

3pm       Andrew Knight - Can Cats and Dogs go Vegetarian?        

4pm       Discussion on Vegan Parenting, with The Vegan Option internet radio show


Susan Edmonds (Pawing) - In the Shadows of the Jungle

Susan Edmonds, founder of Pets And Wildlife In Need of Giving takes a look at the modern laying hens of today. With an astonishing look at how their lives compare to those of their ancestors, Susan examines the different types of egg production and how the hens fare. This talk is interspersed with astonishing facts and figures (some of which will be provided by willing volunteers in the audience!), explodes some common myths and provides a humorous look at some of her own experiences with rescue hens. Come along and help us celebrate the humble hen!

Katie Scott-Dyer - Companion Pet Behaviour Problems

Katie (pet trainer and behaviourist to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary) will be giving a question and answer surgery to pet owners. Come and ask Katie your questions on your companion pet behaviour problems! Katie is currently studying at the Harvard of dog training; the Academy for Dog Trainers and being mentored by one of the world's leading dog behaviour experts Dr Jean Donaldson.

Fleecehaven Sheep Sanctuary

Fleecehaven is a ewenique animal sanctuary which is currently the permanent home to in excess of 130 rescued sheep.  The sanctuary achieved charitable status in 2005 and specialises in promoting humane behaviour towards sheep by providing care, protection, treatment and security to sheep which are in need by reason of sickness, maltreatment or poor circumstances.  Fleecehaven is a small, family run charity and all monies donated, primarily through our ‘Adopt a Sheep’ scheme, go directly to the care and treatment of the sheep.  Please come along and learn more about our worthwhile work with these wonderful creatures.

Justin Kerswell (Viva!) - Deadly dairy: the real reason for the badger ‘cull’

Have you ever wondered why badgers are being blamed for the TB crisis in cattle and how you can save them from persecution? The reality is that British wildlife is being scapegoated for a mess made purely by politicians and farmers. Consumers hold the key to saving badgers by dumping meat and dairy – the very industries that are driving the calls for mass slaughter. www.viva.org.uk

Rod Skinner - Vegan-Organic Growing: Green, Clean & Cruelty-free

In 1996 a group of vegans came together to form the Vegan-Organic Network. We realised that organic food was needed because of the damage to the environment, wildlife and health being done by the wide-spread use of agricultural chemicals.  However, nearly all organic food was grown using animal manures, fish and slaughterhouse by-products to replace chemical fertilisers. Buying organic food therefore subsidises the suffering and exploitation of animals. VON has developed Stockfree methods, using green manures, compost and mulches. Come and see how this works  and learn how you can do it at home! It's Organic-Plus!

Dr Andrew Knight. Can cats and dogs go vegetarian?

The health hazards inherent to meat-based diets for cats and dogs are extensive, and difficult to avoid. Unsurprisingly, a range of diseases have been described in the scientific literature following long-term maintenance on such diets. However, numerous reported cases indicate that nutritionally-sound vegetarian diets can result in a range of health benefits. This presentation by a veterinarian with a special interest in the subject explores the health and nutritional aspects associated with meat-based and vegetarian companion animal diets, and provides advice for transitioning to the latter, and for safeguarding health. Further information is at www.vegepets.info

Dr Andrew Knight. The costs and benefits of animal experiments.

Some scientists claim animal experiments are essential for advancing human healthcare. Yet thousands of patients have been harmed by pharmaceuticals developed using animal tests. Some claim all experiments are conducted humanely, to high scientific standards. Yet, a wealth of studies have revealed that laboratory animals suffer significant stress, which may distort experimental results. Where, then, does the truth lie? How useful are such experiments in advancing human healthcare? How much do animals suffer as a result? And do students really need to dissect or experiment on animals? In this presentation, the author summarises more than a decade of research provided in his recent book, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments. See also: www.AnimalExperiments.info.



vanessa wadden - Hope Rescue - save our strays - give them hope

At Hope Rescue we are primarily a coordinating rescue, saving dogs from destruction and emergency situations, irrespective of their breed, age or medical condition. We find them spaces with reputable rescues or rehome them through our network of foster homes.

 07545 822919 www.hoperescue.org.uk enquiries@hoperescue.org.uk  Registered Charity No 1129629



Discussion on Vegan Parenting with The Vegan Option  internet radio show

Discussion on Vegan Parenting, with The Vegan Option internet radio show

Vegan parents face many challenges - what do you tell children about what other people eat, and what do you do when they go to friends?

Last month, Ian and Diana from The Vegan Option talked to adults who looked back fondly on their childhoods. This month, we are talking to parents about how they raise their children. Whether your children are babes in arms or have fled the nest, please come along and share your experiences with other vegan parents.

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