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Best Vegan Meat Product

Fry's Chicken Burger
Aunty Jee's Currys
Dee's Burgers
Redwood ¼ pounder
Marigold Braised Tofu
Topas Wheaty
Granose Mock Duck
Dragonfly Burger
Clive's Pies – Hungarian Goulash Pie
MacSweens Haggis

Best Vegan Dairy Product

Bute Island Sheese
Redwood Meltin' Cheezly
Pure Dairy Free Margarine
Plamil Mayonnaise
Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub
Swedish Glace Ice Cream
Worthershaw's Desserts
Shambhu's Cheesecake
Tofutti Ice Cream
Granovita Soyage Yoghurt

Best Vegan Cakes and Sweets

Ms Cupcake – Cupcakes
The Heavenly Cake Company - Cakes
Natural Balance – NAKD Cashew Cookie
Goody Good Stuff – Cola Breeze
Moo Free Chocolate – Pralines
To Happy Vegans – Donuts
Just Wholefoods – Vegebears Fruit Jellies
Sweet Vegan – Strawberry Marshmallows
Go Max – Buccaneer Bar
Sweetcheeks - Cupcakes

Best Vegan Achievement

Kevin White – Midlands Vegan Campaign
Fiona Oakes – Marathon Runner
Tony Bishop Weston – Plantarian All One World Day
Karin Ridgers – Veggie Vision
Stephen + Sophie Fenwick Paul – Activeg
Lisa Drummy – Beanie's Health Foods
Pat Reeves – Powerlifter
Daniel Strettle – Vegan Camp
Andrew Knight – Extreme Vegan Sports
Bristol Animal Rights Collective

Best Vegan Milk Product

Plamil Soya Milk
Rice Dream
Good Oil Hemp Milk
Provamel Soya Milk
Kara Dairy Free Coconut
EcoMil Almond Milk
Soyatoo Dairy Free Spray Cream
Sojade Dairy Free Cream
Sunrise Soya Milk

Best Vegan Friendly Magazine

Cook Vegetarian
Vegetarian Living
Get Fresh
Viva! Life
The Vegan
The Vegetarian
Animal Times
Vegan Views
Lifescape Magazine

Best Vegan Friendly Places to Eat

V Bites - Brighton
Café Kino - Bristol
Pogo Café - London
Mono – Glasgow
Eighth Day Café – Manchester
SAF Restaurant – London
Vantra – London
Greens Vegetarian Café – Hebden Bridge
Aloka – Brighton
Loving Hut Express – worldwide

Best Vegan Bodycare supplier

Super Smoocher
Raw Gaia
Raw Skin Food
Beauty Without Cruelty
Honesty Cosmetics
Green People
Simply Soaps

Best Vegan Fashion and Accessories

Bourgeois Boheme
Ethical Wares
Alternative Stores
Beyond Skin
Conscious Clothes
Green Shoes
Neon Collective

Best Vegan Outlet

Vegan Emporium - online
Unicorn Grocery – Manchester
VeggieStuff – online
Veganstore – online
Vx – London
Animal Aid Shop – online
Vegonia – North Wales
Honest To Goodness - online
Green Valley Trading Company - online
Goodness Direct - online

Best Vegan Household product

Vitamix - Blender
Earth Friendly Products – Ecos Laundry Liquid
Bio D – Washing up Liquid
Attitude – Mould and Mildew Cleaner
Ecotricity – Electric supply
Benevo – vegan Dog Food
Veganicity - Vitamins
Method – Bowl Patrol Toilet Cleaner
Alma Win – Orange Oil clothes and furniture cleaner
Green Power - Juicer

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