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The Vegan Society

A very warm and extended welcome to the venerable Vegan Society, the oldest established vegan charity and now flourishing across the globe. You can find out all about the society and its work as well as meet a lot of their team at Bristol, where we will be showing their brand new film ‘Making The Connection' as well as enjoying talks from several of their members. The Vegan Society are active all year round with a number of projects running, including providing a wealth of information regarding all things vegan to an ever curious public. Their 4 times yearly magazine The Vegan is packed full of the latest news and views as well as product reviews and membership is both affordable and fulfilling. For more information see their website:www.vegansociety.com


The Vegan Society work very hard and often without much recognition….they are not ones for high profile media campaigns, but are very busy behind the scenes with some excellent results working with universities, prisons, hospital’s and schools especially to help establish decent nutritious vegan meals and products in these establishments, whilst also supporting a number of blossoming ventures abroad – there are a growing number of Vegan groups all over the world and The Vegan Society is often their first port of call for advice, assistance, information and encouragement. And a number of small vegan festivals and events have benefited from the support of the society too, enabling grass roots organisations to make the most of their passion and enthusiasm to help people access the best of the vegan lifestyle. The work of the Vegan Society is often unsung, but within their ranks are some of the true vegan heroes working hard to achieve a cruelty free world across the globe.



Tim from VegfestUK says ‘The Vegan Society have been around a long time now, but still keep coming out with fresh ideas, information and inspiration for all things vegan. They put in a huge amount of legwork between them in answering all sorts of demands for information from just about every conceivable direction, quietly assisting in the spread of knowledge and understanding about the benefits of the lifestyle. A particular fave of mine is their quarterly publication The Vegan, which is an excellent round up and digest of all things vegan, including lots of new products. I’ve been a member of many years now and urge people to join The Society as it gears up to help take the vegan lifestyle mainstream.’



The Vegan Society


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