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Big shout out to all our supporters and especially our sponsors

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Our Supporters



AMY'S KITCHEN...... the US’s most successful frozen, vegetarian food brand is set to take the UK by storm.  With a real emphasis on wholesome, home cooked food this delicious range of products will soon be a firm favourite with the British consumer.
 Founded by Andy and Rachel Berliner in 1987 to provide families with high quality, great tasting vegetarian meals.  Wherever possible all ingredients are sourced locally and still taste tested by Andy and Rachel to ensure that every product has that home cooked taste that makes Amy’s Kitchen so unique. www.amyskitchen.co.uk



VEGETARIAN LIVING MAGAZINE   the latest veggie lifestyle mag to hit the shelves, and a very good read it is too - well rounded editorial, attractive lay out and design, good features, imaginative style, and the opposite of dull, plenty of recipes and reveiws, all in all a lively publication and a very welcome addition to the growing world of vegetarian journalism, a sure sign of an idea whose time has come. Big thanks to the team behind Vegetarian Living for both their magazine and their support for VegfestUK www.vegetarianliving.co.uk  



Our FRIENDS........

ANIMAL AID need little introduction as one of the UK's leading animal campaigning groups, with a string of impressive high profile media campaigns and successes under their belts. Organisers of several large vegan events including the famous Xmas without Cruelty. Very very friendly, always, and very worthy of our FRIENDS title...thanks peeps! www.animalaid.co.uk


HEAVENLY CHURROS   make a superb vegan version of the famous Spanish delicacy Churros y Chocolate and they will be doing some catering at Bristol for all 3 days along with Burritos and other amazing food. Shortly opening a restaurant in Bristol too! www.myburrito.co.uk


Our WELLWISHERS....TOPAS, coming from Germany with their own brand of vegan meat, they will be catering at the event for all 3 days www.wheaty.de and PUNZALAN TRADING, who make the most excellent Chinese food and will be at Bristol catering

Provamel Natural Vitality