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Saturday May 28th

The Amphitheatre  6pm - 11pm

Admission £10 in advance, £12 on the gate (subject to availability)


6.00pm  Rolling Stage + Cabaret


8.00pm The Destroyers


9.00pm The Asbo Disco


9.30pm  The Selecter


The Selecter

The Selecter are awesome. Originally behind the 2-Tone label along with the Specials, their album “Too Much Pressure” released by this important and influential platinum selling band in Feb 1980 remains a classic touchstone for a generation of Ska lovers and the band are excited to announce they will be playing the album in its entirety plus a selection of other much loved Selecter tracks and some new surprises at concerts throughout 2011.Mixing punk, ska and reggae, ‘Too Much Pressure’ successfully reflected the social and political issues of the early Thatcher years in Britain and gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide.


THE SELECTER fronted by the original singing duo of the female icon of the 2-tone era Pauline Black & Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson deliver classic hits like ‘Three Minute Hero’, ‘Missing Words’, ‘On My Radio’, ‘James Bond’ and of course ‘Too Much Pressure’. 2011 sees the return of one of the most vital, visceral and important Ska acts ever, The Selecter starring Pauline Black & Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson. Queen of 2-Tone, Pauline Black featured prominently in BBC4’s Feb 2011 “Reggae Britannia” series, contributing to a 90 mins documentary and a live concert broadcast from The Barbican in London. 


THE SELECTER have recorded two new singles for release this year. First up is an anti-racist ska/reggae version of ‘All You Fascists (Bound To Lose)’, due for release in May 2011. This will be followed on July 30th by an Amy Winehouse classic, ‘Back To Black’, perfectly suited to The Selecter’s edgy reggae style. Pauline Black has also written a 2-Tone memoir, ‘Black By Design’ which will be published by ‘Serpent’s Tail’ on Aug 4th 2011. www.theselecter.net


 They also have a new album out on September 1st  

“Made In Britain” mixes ska, pop and reggae in their inimitable style to reflect the social and political issues confronting Britain’s new multicultural society in 2011.  Just as they gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide in Thatcher’s recessionary Britain thirty years ago, The Selecter returns to those seemingly insoluble questions of racism and social division, that still pervade today’s British landscape.  Multiculturalism rules!



Asbo Disco – never short of thrill power, and always entering full on into the party spirit, the perfect DJ set to entertain between the madness of The Destroyers and the class act that is The Selecter. A half hour of hedonistic pleasure from the master Asbo Disco



The Destroyers -  Borat meets The Prodigy 

Fifteen piece 'anarchic gypsy-punk orchestra', The Destroyers, have stormed the festival circuit last summer from Glastonbury to Bestival. Close-up and dangerous, their dazzling playing, blazing passion for performance and combined musical influences create a swirling spectacle of sensation and sound. Only the dead can refuse to dance. Whether on a festival stage or more intimate club setting, The Destroyers expend enough energy to light up a small town, leaving audiences ecstatic, exhausted and utterly destroyed. As one happy promoter said, imagine Borat meets the ProdigyThe Destroyers were formed several years ago in Birmingham UK. A dazzling collective of talented, innovative, multi-instrumentalists and composers with a passion for collaboration, they are eclectic in their influences and draw freely from a range of traditions which highlight their collective love for music and performance. Recently The Destroyers were commissioned by FlatPack Film Festival to devise and perform soundtracks for silent classics; musical collaborations include work with Samba Central and The Dohl Blasters. In the past few years they have built up a big following through a hectic schedule of gigs and festivals around Britain including London's Barbican Centre and Glastonbury Festival. There first studio album was released in September 2009

‘We are a 15-headed conflagration of instrumentalists, vocalists and composers, specialising in turbo-folk mélanges of Gypsy, Balkan, Klesmer and beat poetry.  We put on a riotous uplifting show, and get audiences really going– jumping around and that sort of thing.  Yeah!  We also stimulate minds with plenty of musical intricacy and intriguing smatterings of subject matters most bands don’t sing about. Our motto is “If you can hold your head high and keep your ear to the ground whilst keeping your eye on the ball and your nose to the grindstone, you’re more flexible than us”   www.thedestroyers.co.uk






18:00-18:20: Matt Woosey (20min) Combining an explosive slap-and-pick right hand guitar technique and a big-range blues shout, this sort of charismatic performer stops chat in the noisiest bar. But his songwriting is sensitive and soulful. Steadily building a strong national following for very good reason is Matt Woosey 


18:35-19:20 BERT MILLER & THE ANIMAL FOLK (45min)Stompy, visual folk songs about the underbelly of all things animal. Their songs are by turn eccentrically happy and darkly funny with moments of great warmth and affection that wholly expose Bert's unadulterated love for ANIMALS. . 




Heg and the Wolf Chorus"Heg's music takes you on a journey through intimate snapshots of life to epic tales of the stormy Atlantic. Heg grew up on a diet of folk, pop and musicals - all of which have found a place in her piano based songs. 


18:25-18:40 JONNY FLUFFY PUNK (15min) Jonny Fluffypunk, pastoral nihilist stand-up poet and give-up banjolele player, is an economic refugee from the Home Counties who has been dragging his mixed bag of poems, stories, off-kilter banter and mysterious 'other stuff'   around the UK performance poetry and alternative cabaret circuits for over 7 years.  


18:40-18:50 SOOZY ROBERTS (10minsPerformance, video and installation are the main mediums through which Soozy works to engage with the viewer, often setting up interactive elements within the performances to develop into a dialogue with the public. In a world obsessed with beauty, glamour, youth and celebrity, her work plays with our perceptions as we watch her perform. 


18:50-19:20 VID WARREN (30min)  From instrumental-beatboxing to dark piano grooves, Vid Warren brings you some of the freshest performance available. Look out for collaborations with top artists, and bass heavy sounds that you wouldn't believe a human-mouth could make.. 


19:30-20:00 CHRIS LYNAM (20min)   

Chris Lynam is renowned for many things, but mainly for bringing his own brand of crazed humour to bear on unsuspecting audiences. His comedy is both dangerous and exciting, stretching variety to its limits. Any one show may include pyrotechnics, acrobats, attacks upon the audience, outlandish operatic and orchestral overtures, flying sousaphones and anything else which may spring to Mr Lynam's unnecessarily large and vivid imagination.

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