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this is the 2011 site

for the 2012 site news and stall prices visit http://bristol.vegfest.co.uk/price-information


There are over 100 stalls available at VegfestUK Bristol. Options include 2m x 2m, 3m x 2m, 4m x 2m and 6m x 2m stalls in the Main Marquee; 3m x 3m Traders Pitches (bring your own gazebo), and Caterers pitches (3m x 6m, 6m x 6m). There is a 3rd day option (Friday evening), available for Gazebo traders and Caterers only (Main Marquee is not open on Friday)

Gazebo ptches and cateres hav the option of shutting at 6pm on sat and sun if they do  not wish to work a 12 hour shift. Likewise, Main Marquee stallholders can shut at 6 and breakdown at 6pm on sunday if they wish


Discounts are available for very small businesses, small campaigners, small not for profit groups, small charities and therapists. If you would like to apply for a discounted rate stall please contact the office. There are no discounts available for stalls in the Main Marquee, only Gazebo pitches. Please note that the emphasis is on ‘small' - these discounted stalls are subsidised by the other stallholders and sponsors, and there are only limited numbers available.


You are also welcome to share a stall (and the costs) if you only require a 4.5sq meter space (effectively, a 3m frontage with 1.5 m depth) or are financially challenged. If you qualify for the discounted rate, this could work out at as little as £87.50 + vat each for 2 days for a 3m x 3m Gazebo pitch sharing the space and costs with someone else. Please apply to the office for sharing options


Tables are included in the cost of the stalls for traders in the Main Marquee only. Traders outside the marquee with their own gazebo or trailer must provide their own tables. Tables can be hired on request at an extra charge (£10 + vat)


Car + Van Parking
3 day permits (Friday 10am - Monday 10am) for our open air carpark adjacent to the site (suitable for any size vehicle, with easy access to the site all weekend) are available priced £40 + vat. Please note there is no camping or overnight sleeping permitted on site or in the carpark.


Electricity is available on request at an extra charge


All stall prices are subject to VAT at 20%




Stalls are marked with frontage first (eg 4m x 2m means 4 metre frontage by 2 metre depth).


Traders – Main Marquee (Trading hours 11am – 8pm sat and sun - total hours 18 - no friday options)

2m x 2m stall£275 + Vat
3m x 2m stall£375 + Vat
4m x 2m stall£475 + Vat
6m x 2m stall £675 + Vat


Traders - Pitch (Bring your own gazebo - trading hours 11am - 11pm sat and sun (2 day), 6pm - 11pm fri (3 day) Total Hours 24 or 29)

3m x 3m pitch 2 day£295 + Vat
3m x 3m pitch 3 day£395 + Vat
6m x 3m pitch 2 day£495 + Vat
6m x 3m pitch 3 day£595 + Vat


Caterers - Pitch (Bring your own trailer/gazebo- trading hours 11am - 11pm sat and sun (2 day), 6pm - 11pm fri (3 day) - total hours 24 or 29

3m x 6m 2 day£395 + Vat
3m x 6m 3 day£550 + Vat
4.5m x 6m 2 day£550 + Vat
4.5m x 6m 3 day£695 + Vat
6m x 6m pitch 2day£695 + Vat
6m x 6m pitch 3day£895 + Vat


Discount Rate (on application only – bring your own gazebo– trading hours 11am – 11pm sat and sun (2 day), 6pm – 11pm fri (3 day) Total hours 24 or 29

3m x 3m pitch 2 day £175 + Vat
3m x 3m pitch 3 day£250 + Vat


 Electricity (max 2 appliances per plug)

13amp power point£50 + Vat 
32 amp power point (caterers)£100 + Vat



1.8m x 0.75m Table£10 + Vat



Gazebo Hire (includes erection and dismantling)

3m x 3m gazebo£125 + Vat
6m x 3m gazebo£250 + Vat



Car Park - suitable for large vehicles

3 Day permit (Fri 10am - Mon 10am)£40 + Vat



We offer some very focused and cost effective advertising through our event programme, website and ebulletin. The programme is an A4 64 page publication, with 10,000 copies distributed before and during the event. The event website stays live for a minimum of 1 year and the ebulletins currently reach 12,500 recipients, expected to increase to 15,000 by May 2011



E Bulletin Adverts (every 6 to 8 weeks - 80 words + link + image)

1 Insert£95 + Vat
3 Inserts£275 + Vat
6 Inserts£495 + Vat



Website Adverts (on every page of website + text and link)

Regular (50 words) £95 + Vat
Large (100 words + logo)£155 + Vat



Event Programme (10,000 Free copies A4 64 pg)

1/8 page£95 + Vat
1/4 page£155 + Vat
1/2 page£275 + Vat
1 page£495 + Vat
DPS£695 + Vat


Our stall prices and marketing options are as cheap as we can make them and entrance to the event is free - which means we really welcome some extra financial support from our stallholders if they can. We have various schemes in place starting from just £10, including Sponsors, Supporters, Friends and Wellwishers, along to selling our merchandise, and donating to our goodybags, raffle and tombola


For sponsorship opportunities (£250 - £5000) see our Sponsors Page


To become a WELL WISHER costs just £25 + vat
To become a FRIEND costs £50 + Vat
To Become a SUPPORTER cost £100 + vat


To sell our merchandise - please contact the office


To donate to our Goody bags, Raffle and Tombola - please contact the office


All these options will give you extra coverage on the website and at the show and will help keep VegfestUK FREE TO THE PUBLIC during the day!!


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