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The Vegan Environmental Awards

 The Vegan Environmental Awards came into existence in 2007 with a view to not only highlighting the disastrous effect that Livestock farming is having on the environment, but also to praise the efforts of some of the leading individuals and organisations that are flying the vegan flag as high as they can. The awards are the only vegan awards that are voted for by the people online, and as such have become the most coveted awards in vegan circles today as they genuinely reflect the will of the people.


Thousands of people voted in 2007 for 49 different vegan businesses, products, people and organisations, with 7 categories and 7 nominees in each, and in 2008 the turnout was even higher - this time a total of 64 nominees, 8 in each of 8 different categories. The winners received hand drawn certificates from vegan cartoon superhero Wonderpig, and the winners were all ecstatically happy!


The winners of the 2007, 2008 and 2009 awards were announced at the Bristol Vegan Fayre Each Year


The Vegan Environmental Awards were inspired by Pea PR, sponsored by VeggieVision and hosted by Yaoh

The 2010 Winners Were

Best Media Campaign
1. Keep Cruelty History - League Against Cruel Sports
2. Meat Free Mondays - Paul McCartney
3. Reduce - Reuse - Recycle


Best Artiste
1. Benjamin Zephaniah - Poet/Performer
2. Leona Lewis - Singer
3. Chrissy Hynde - Musician (The Pretenders)


Best Media/Publication
1. Animal Free Shopper
2. Ethical Consumer
3. Cook Vegetarian


Best Veggie Food Product
1. Provamel Soya Milk
2. Fry's Burgers
3. Nakd Cashew Cookie raw snack bar


Best Fashion Range
1. Vegetarian Shoes
2. Stella McCartney
3. Bourgeois Boheme


Best Beauty Product
1. Lush - Fizzy Bath Bombs
2. Beauty Without Cruelty - Lipstick
3. Yaoh - Sunblock


Best Fair Trade Product
1. Café Direct - Machu Picchu Coffee
2. Infinity Foods - Basmati Rice
3. Yozuna - Baobab fruit jam


Best Eco Friendly Film
1. Avatar
2. An Inconvenient Truth
3. The Cove


Best Place To Eat
1. Veggies Catering Campaign
2. V Bites
3. Lancrigg


Best Campaigners
2. Animal Aid
3. Greenpeace


Full results - see here

The 2009 Winners Were

Best Vegan Chocolate
1. Booja Booja
2. Plamil
3. Conscious Chocolate


Best Vegan Meat
1. Redwood
2. Fry's
3. Linda McCartneys


Best Vegan Restaurant/Café
1. The George, Brighton
2. Terre a Terre, Brighton
3. 222, London


Best Vegan Bodycare
1. Lush
2. Jason
3. Honesty Cosmetics


Best Vegan Media
1. Secret Society Of Vegans
2. Vegan Village
3. Off The Hoof


Best Vegan Shop
1. Infinity, Brighton
2. Veggiestuff.com
3. Unicorn, Manchester


Best Vegan Manufacturer
1. Bute Island
2. Vegetarian Shoes
3. Provamel


Best Vegan Small Campaigns Group
2. Sea Shepherd
3. Greyhound Action


Best Vegan Celebrity
1. Keith Mann
2. Moby
3. Chrissy Hynde


Full results - see here


The 2008 Winners were

Best Vegan Entertainers
1. Benjamin Zephaniah
2. Rubber Ritchie
3. Wonderpig


Best Vegan Publications
1. The Vegan (Vegan Society)
2. Outrage (Animal Aid)
3. Viva!Life


Best Vegan Distributors
1. Suma - Yorkshire
2. Essential - Bristol
3. Infinity - Brighton


Best Vegan Campaigners
1. Andrew Tyler - Animal Aid
2. Heather Mills
3. Ingrid Newkirk - PETA


Best Dairy Alternatives
1. Booja Booja Stuff In a Tub
2. Bute Island Sheese
3. Swedish Glace Ice Cream


Best Vegan Shows and Events
1. Bristol Vegan Fayre
2. Xmas Without Cruelty
3. Incredible Veggie Roadshows


Best Vegan Local Campaigning/Social Group
1. Bristol Vegans
2. Campaign for Eco Veganism
3. Scouseveg


Best Vegan Raw/Superfood Suppliers
1. Yaoh
2. Total Raw Food
3. Raw Chocolate Company


2007 Winners

Best Vegan Product
1st Booja Booja Truffles
2nd Veggies Veggieburger
3rd Raw Living Hi Crunch Raw Choccy Bar


Best Vegan Company
1st Redwood Wholefoods,
2nd Yaoh,
3rd Beanies Health Foods


Best Vegan Individual Achievement
1st Benjamin Zephaniah
2nd Angie Greenaway (from Viva)
3rd Stella McCartney


Best Independent Health Store
1st Infinity-Brighton,
2nd Harvest- Bristol
3rd Wild Oats-Bristol,


Best Vegan Organisation
1st Viva!,
2nd The Vegan Society,
3rd PeTA


Best On Line Shop
1st Veganstore.co.uk,
2nd DetoxYourWorld.co.uk,
3rd Bourgeois Boheme


Best Vegan Media/publication
1st VeganVillage,
2nd Lifescape Magazine,
3rd Veganforum.com

‘Everyone at Infinity is very pleased with the award especially as it was a vote by the public' - Eliz, Infinity Foods, winners of the 2007 ‘Best Independent Health Stores' award


‘We were very flattered to be presented with the award for ‘Best Vegan Company' in the 007 Vegan Environmental Awards. A big big thankyou to everyone who voted for us'- Caroline, Redwood Foods, winners of the 2007 ‘Best vegan Company' award


"Thank you very much to all those who voted for Booja Booja as their favourite vegan product of 2007. Our chocolates have won a shelf full of awards over the years for all kinds of reasons but this is one of the ones that means the most for me because it was voted for by vegans - the people I have in mind when we develop our products - people who have had enough of the appalling abuse of non - humans which is mostly taken for granted in our culture and of the abuse on their own bodies of the ‘normal' diet . So thank you, thank you. When I can feel that what we are doing is being fully received I am inspired to persevere and do more, do more to support people's vegan choices by creating extraordinarily delicious and benign vegan delicacies that happily recognise the human reality for the desire for occasional treats" - Colin Mace, The Booja Booja Company, winners of the 2007 ‘Best Vegan Product'





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