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Participanting Groups



Viva! is Europes biggest veggie pressure group and is behind a number of high profile campaigns designed to put an end to animal cruelty and suffering. They have their HQ in Bristol and are busy and active on a number of levels, including their famous Incredible Veggie Road Shows, lots of books and info and an excellent Press and Media department, plus a lively website and a 3 times a year publication Viva! Life packed full of info about the veggie/vegan lifestyle and their own campaigns and successes . Viva! attracts the support of both grass roots campaigners and hi profile celebrities alike, and continues to flourish on many different levels, and they are playing a big part in Fringe week this year. www.viva.org.uk


Bristol Animal Rights Coalition (BARC)

Bristol Animal Rights CollectiveIf you don’t like cruelty to animals, why not join us? We have regular campaigns against restaurants that sell foie gras, zoos, companies responsible for animal testing, and shops that sell animal fur. We also do regular stalls in Broadmead, including occasional free vegan food sample giveaways and we organise free vegan food fairs and fundraising evenings. We are always keen on meeting new people, and having new ideas. Get in touch for more info! We have regular meetings – keep an eye on our website, or  email barc@hotmail.co.uk  for forthcoming dates.  Hopefully meet you soon!




Wild Oats

Wild Oats is considered by many to be Bristol's premier health store - it is certainly one of the earliest, having started life back in the early 80's. Wild Oats has a classic blend of veggie and vegan products that will satisfy every demand and is an absolute gold mine for some of the more obscure products that can be hard to find elsewhere. Plus it has a huge supplements section that is second to none in town, backed up by knowlegable and friendly staff many of whom are fully qualified in the likes of nutrition and herbal medicine. Mike the owner is a driving force behind Fringe week and you can catch his outstandning talks on health an nutriton every day from Monday 23rd May to Friday 27th May between 1pm and 5pm at The Polish Club - completely free! There will also be a VegfestUK stall outside Wild Oats (which is to be found at the top of the Blackboy hill, on the Lower Redland Road) with free tasters all week plus info and advice about the veggie/vegan lifestyle. www.woats.co.uk



Bristol Vegans

Bristol Vegans is a friendly social group that meets once a month to eat drink and chat, at various places around town that cater for the vegan lifestyle. There's usually between 20 and 30 at a meet and the group is very welcoming to new people so don't be shy to come along, there's no interview or examination to join! Bristol Vegans is becoming quite involved in Fringe week with various members stepping up to lend some much needed assistance to the project, and the group is growing nicely again. Celebrating its 5th birthday in April, and going from strength to strength, the group has a monthly newsletter and you can subscribe to this by emailing info@excellert.co.uk and you can also keep up to date with activities throught the group Facebook page (search Bristol Vegans) and its own website www.bristol.vegangroup.co.uk



Allergy and Food Intolerance Tester

Free consultations at The Polish Club Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th 2pm – 5pm

With Shymie Bennett, Dip, B.E.R., E.F.M.A., I.T.E.C. 

Allergies are far less common than Food Intolerances. When one has a true allergy, they are liable to have anaphalactic fits, swollen lips or throats, rashes, and other acute symptoms.Intolerances tend to be more chronic, and can be triggered by having too much of things you love, or can even be addicted to, or foods and drinks you actively dislike.Symptoms of intolerances range from Arthritis, Rheumatic complaints, Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Chrohn's disease, Colitis, Depression, Mood swings, Eczema, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Gall Bladder problems, Headaches, Migraines, Hyperactivity, I.B.S, Bloating, Insomnia, Itching, Sudden rashes, Learning difficulties, Mouth ulcers, P.M.S, Menopause, and other vague symptoms.The test is non-invasive, and involves testing 150 different foods and drinks, 30 environmental substances. A Vitamin and Mineral test is also included. Relevant diet and information sheets are included.It is advisable to eliminate the culprit foods for 12 weeks, and then have a Re-test. Depending how chronic the situation is, the majority of intolerant foods can on the whole be introduced. The first results are not a life-sentence.

Contact Shymie on 0117 9092071, or 07855470101


Bristol Indian Classical Music Society

Now in its second year, this is a new society that is helping to put on concerts of Indian music in Bristol with artists who live in the UK. It is dependent on an audience of subscribers who pay in advance to hear wonderful Indian music. If you would like to hear regular concerts of Indian music please subscribe by sending all your contact details along with a cheque for £22 made out to 'Bristol Indian Classical Music Society' to Bristol Indian
Classical Music Society, c/o Simon Kohli, 104 Repton Road, Bristol, BS4 3LX.
This subscription entitles you to entry to this concert and another concert later in the year, and other events that the Society might organise like film nights and lecture/demonstrations. For further information send an email to Simon on simon@sarodplayer.co.uk  or give Simon a call on 07730  872233, or visit www.sarodplayer.co.uk/images/subscriptioninfo.pdf

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