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Nutrition + health - Talks

The Nutrition and Health Talks room sees a series of 10 talks and presentations over the weekend, featuring leading experts in plant based nutrition and holistic health.





12.00  Emmerdale celebrity Roxie Ghawam-Shahidi (who plays Leyla Harding) - Q & A Session


1.00    Jamie Combes (Natural Balance Foods) - How to Look Good, Feel Good and Save the World


2.00    Richie A Watson - Hi Raw & Whole Self Nutrition


3.00    Dean Rees Evans  - Understanding Living Consciousness


4.00    Anna Middleton - Cellular Philosophy






12.00    Veronika Charvatova  (Viva!) - Preventing and Treating Diabetes


1.00      Juliet Gellately (Viva!) - Mood Foods


2.00      Kalefa Sennah -  Children:Food for Thought


3.00      David Jack - The Pearls of Samarkand, raw superfoods from Central Asia


4.00      Tony Bishop - Weston - Plantarian Diets for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer



Emmerdale celebrity, Roxie Ghawam-Shahidi, who plays Leyla Harding.

Roxie is opening the show at 11am on Saturday at the main gate, and at 12 midday she will be on hand to answer your questions. Roxie is not only a very talented actress but also a staunch supporter of all things vegan.



How to Look Good, Feel Good and Save the World - Jamison CombsJamison Combs is the unorthodox founder of Natural Balance Foods, one of Britain’s most successful healthfood companies.   In 2005, fed up with processed food, he created NAKD bars, Europe’s first mainstream raw food brand. Today, NAKD is a leading healthy snack brand in the UK, regularly outselling established, multi-national giants.  Jamison is a recognized leader in the natural living movement and an outspoken advocate for enlightened entrepreneurism and social progress. 


“Holisticat” Richie A. Watson – High Raw and Whole Self NutritionRichie is a much respected voice in the raw and holistic lifestyle movements. Having reversed his own long term debilitating health condition with a high-raw diet and “modern holistic lifestyle” he has since devoted his life to sharing his experience and knowledge around the world, helping people discover the healing and life transforming potential of raw whole foods and conscious whole living. Richie is Founder of Rising up! Lifestyle Revolutions and Head of the Holistic Future Network.  www.rising-up.co.uk



 Dean Rees-Evans        Understanding Living Consciousness 

This talk will be a fascinating exploration of how we can fall back naturally into happiness – exploring the Three Spiritual Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as a vehicle back to finding the true source of human happiness and its manifestation in daily life. This is one of those talks that you potentially walk away from feeling like you realised something deep within yourself about the true nature of reality – and its profound effect upon your life. If you want to know the true source of mental well-being this is the talk for you  


Anna Middleton

Anna is a Holistic Nutritionist based and has a passion for living foods. She has an understanding about the effects that different foods have on the way we feel and the powerful effect that cleansing can have on our whole being. Anna's philosophy is to recognise that our needs are unique, to find a balance that works for us and make changes to our diet and lifestyle at a pace we feel comfortable with, whatever that may be. To raise further awareness about the benefits of raw living foods, Anna runs workshops, hosts free pot luck events and makes a selection of raw vegan cakes & chocolates for local cafes in Bristol as well as providing raw vegan catering for events upon request.


Veronika Charvatova

Veronika Charvatova MSc is a health campaigner at the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF) specialising in the links between diet, health and disease. Veronika is a biologist and a qualified teacher; she has worked on a number of campaigns in the last decade. After spending several years campaigning against animal experiments working with schools, universities, cosmetics companies and politicians, she moved on to vegan nutrition and health to show people that plant-based diet is the best possible and can be used for prevention or treatment of a number of diseases. 



 Juliet Gellatley In 1994 Juliet founded Viva! – a vibrant, campaigning group that is the biggest vegetarian and vegan organisation in Europe. She also set up the charity, the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation in 2002 to concentrate on health and nutrition. She directs both groups. Juliet is also the director of Revive! Nutrition.

Over the past 20 years, Juliet has created and launched numerous campaigns and written or co-written several reports, guides and books, including the Silent Ark, Born to be Wild, the Livewire Guide to Going, Being & Staying Veggie, Nutrition in a Nutshell, Feed the World, Healthy Veggie Kids and Vegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby Guide. She has filmed and exposed many factory farms. Juliet is an inspirational, fun and informative speaker and has made media appearances across the world. She has a degree in zoology and psychology and is a qualified nutritional therapist.




David Jack – The Pearls of Samarkand, raw superfoods from Central Asia

An insight to one of the most natural landscapes on earth – the unpolluted environment of Uzbekistan.  A presentation on how Dr Josef Bertagnoli of Marap, Austria pioneered a Fair Trade joint venture between the Austrian Government and the wonderful primitive people of Uzbekistan to bring ancient and modern fruit and nut varieties to the western world.   Learn how ancient foods such as mulberries, seabuckthorn and pomegranates are wild harvested and made available in raw and vegan condition for us to enjoy in the UK.  Presentation by David Jack BSc Hons, includes a wide variety of samples for tasting.




Plantarian Diets for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer

Author Tony Bishop-Weston natural products consultant at Foods for Life and the One World Day campaign looks at the positive effects that natural plant derived foods and fats can have on Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.


Kalefa Sennah - Children: Food for ThoughtA brief exploration of the way food may be affecting the minds of young people.Kalefa is a Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner. .Kalefa’s love for healthy living began with her early years growing up in Jamaica when she lived on a farm in a country village where the majority of their food came from the land.  At a young age she became an athlete and her need to remain healthy led her to explore vegan diets such as Rastafarian Ital foods which remained throughout her life.  Spurred on by her daughter’s success as an athlete, now an Olympic Medallist, her fascination with how the mind works and creating balance in the human system, led her to study and practice alternative therapies including herbalism, natural building and sustainable living, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.  She soon realized that the mind cannot be truly balanced until the body is physically healthy, so she decided to add nutrition to her arsenal.  She now runs a private clinic which includes online service and The Joy of Food as Medicine courses, educating people on how to prevent and survive dis-ease and create balance through nutrition and lifestyle choices. This includes the introduction of live foods into their eating regime. Her intention is to travel throughout the world uplifting and empowering others by sharing her experiences as well as learning from them.   Kalefa Naked Foods, the business, is fast becoming a global household name due to the in-depth health education, advice and guidance which Kalefa provides and it will continue to grow, phenomenally, worldwide as its reputation does.. 

Glenn Kearney – MSc (Dist), B Phed, UK Athletics Senior Nutritionist says of Kalefa "Kalefa naked foods represent the next level in nutrition - the combination of Whole 'Super' foods into fine tasting smoothies and meals. For those wishing for more vitality in their life - whether an athlete or a non-athlete I would highly recommend incorporating these meals into a daily meal pattern."

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