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Ecotricity are the business when it comes to green electrics - way ahead of the game and growing at the rate of knots (if knots actually grow), with people switching to their ultra eco tariff all across the UK. A combination of solar, wind and now green gas is creating a revolution in the way we source our power needs, and Ecotricity is blazing a welcome trail that is leaving other energy companies in their wake. They are a really down to earth group though and have been supporting a number of vegan events for a while now, and this year have decided to sponsor us for the first time, which should bring Ecotricity even better kudos that they currently possess already.

And if that wasnt enough already to tempt you into making a switch to them, heres 3 more good reasons to go Ecotricity

Check out all the Ecotricity services from their excellent website www.ecotricity.co.uk  and they will be at the show with a stall in the Main Marquee too. And Ecotricity's founder Dale is vegan (and a former new age traveller). How cool is that!

well, just in case that isnt cool enough for you - then what about this....a wind powered car!! unbelievable, until you read all about it here http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/about/nemesis

Awesome. And the whole world is asking 'Whats next from Ecotricity?'


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Bizzy Bee

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bizzybee gloves and cloths: get a buzz out of cleaning!Eric the bizzybee buzzed into life in 2009 when the brand was launched as a fun, friendly and ethical alternative to other household cleaning products.The ‘bee’ association goes far beyond the name.  Earlier this year, bizzybee became a proud Corporate Fellow of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT). The BBCT is a registered charity that was founded in 2006 to raise awareness of the plight of the bumblebee. In 2010 the charity, which counts Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham among its supporters, received ‘Best Environment Project’ at the National Lottery Awards. http://www.bumblebeeconservation.org.uk/The bizzybee range, which includes seven gloves and seven cloths, is designed for every usage around the home and also caters for those with sensitive skin. bizzybee’s latex-free gloves are made from soft vinyl which does not contain rubber latex or chemical accelerators – ideal for the 6% of the UK population who have sensitivity to natural rubber latex allergy.The products are funky too. From peach and purple to blue and ivory, there is a colour for every kitchen and you’ll never find bizzybee gloves in garish yellow. 

To follow the escapades of Eric the bizzybee visit: www.facebook.com/bizzybeeuk


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Creating a goodlife is the heart of everything we do, trying to make life a little bit better for everyone around us. We want everyone to share in creating a goodlife and a good life starts from within! We make naturally delicious dishes from mother nature’s vegetables which are meat free, dairy free and free from anything nasty! Our food loves you from the inside out and sets you up for the day to go about your business and do good things! Try our delicious meat free and dairy free range including fair-trade nut cutlets, spicy bean quarter-pounders, fruity falafel burgers, Glamorgan sausages, Lentil Spinach & quinoa grills and the garden vegetable quarterpounder  www.goodlife.co.uk





POWERSHOT & LITTLE MIRACLES offer you a real and natural energy solution whether you’re a party animal, a tired mum or student, a sporty type, a burnt out executive or simply just in need of a natural daily boost!Powershot’s Chinese (Panax) 6 year old ginseng shots provide real energy as opposed to the “stimulant-based” shots with caffeine and taurine. They contain no caffeine, taurine or alcohol and have very few calories per bottle [the Ginseng/Gingko mix the highest at 9.8 kcal per bottle]Little Miracles  330ml Organic Energy Drinks use the same top quality Panax ginseng as the shots plus the addition of powerful antioxidant tea extracts and Superfruits. Plus, they benefit further from low GI agave syrup as the natural sweetener. They are not only “squeeky clean” but they also taste great!


Little Miracles & Powershot is proud to be a VEGFEST sponsor and look forward to meeting attendees at their Stand from Friday evening until the end of the last event on Sunday evening. All of their products will be on view and on sale. Their products can be found in a wide range of retail outlets including supermarkets plus most healthfoods stores and all Holland & Barrett shops. www.powershotbrands.com  www.drinklittlemiracles.com


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