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Main Stage - daytime

The Main Stage will feature maimly vegan performers during the daytime, including live music (mainly acoustic/semi acoustic) and family entertainment.

During the evening (6pm - 11pm) the emphasis shifts to louder and larger bands and DJ's as the party starts, including headline acts - see 'whats on - evening' on right hand menu


Saturday (times subject to confirmation)


12.00     Kyle Vincent


1.00       Sam Valentine


2.00       Tensheds


3.00       Rawhead - The Three Amore Sisters


3.45       Celestine


4.30       Luminous Frenzy 




12.00     JenJen


1.00       Siddy Bennett


2.00       Khantara


3.00       C-Froo and The Exclusive Acoustics


4.00       Talking Tekla


4.15       Structured Freestyle


4.30       The Phoenix Rose


Kyle Vincent 

Kyle is an internationally touring singer/songwriter, who happens to be vegan, and a strong advocate for the environment and animal rights. He has had a U.S. top 20 single, been the opening act for Barry Manilow on an entire tour, and has been the featured entertainer at many AR/Veg/Enviro fests throughout the U.S. Kyle is an officially sanctioned presenter of Al Gore's climate crisis presentation, trained by Mr. Gore, yet Kyle has adopted his presentation to include the impact diet has on the environment. For more info visit his website kylevincent.com or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Vincent


Sam Valentine
Sam has been playing throughout Bristol for the past year. His music is infused with passion and a joy for the present moment. Moving fluidly through folk, soul, blues and jazz he often uses improvisation and plays whatever feels natural at any given time.

Tensheds, the piano bashing, guitar swinging husky voiced hobo.Having just completed a 70 date UK & European Tour promoting his new album ‘Crazy Beautiful’ – including a support tour with Hazel O’Connor, Tensheds rolls up to VegfestUK (literally in his campervan) to deliver some piano driven boogie and guitar twanged alt-country! With comparisons to early Tom Waits and Bob Dylan often made, Tensheds is the PRS UK Unsigned Award Winner and also the World Record Holder for the Most Gigs in 24 Hours.“He’s Exceptional” - Mojo “Sounding like James Blunt remodelled by God” - 101 Gig Guide  


C-Froo & The Exclusive Acoustics

Since the release of debut album 'The Script' on K-Town Sounds in 2009, C-Froo has made quite a name for himself supporting acts such as 'Grandmaster Melle Mel and The Furious 5', 'Kurtis Blow' and ‘R.A. The Rugged Man'. Regularly in local magazines and radio (also featured on BBC introducing), today he is performing a very special acoustic show. His sound takes influence from across the musical spectrum, from Underground Hip Hop, mellow folk, 70's funk and hardcore Dub Reggae. Playing tunes from his first album plus some written especially for VegfestUK, this promises to be a very exciting set. www.c-froo.co.uk www.myspace.com/cfroo  




Celestine has a natural jazz/soul vocal style which moves effortlessly through different genres of music - “a singer with a really hauntingly beautiful voice” and “an inner beauty that shines through”. Celestine is at her best when performing live and has captured the essence of her live performances and song writing on her debut album ‘Secret Side’. Infusing Soul, Jazz, Funk and Blues rhythms with velvet vocals, ‘Secret Side’ has songs to suit all moods. Secret Side is available for download on iTunes, CDbaby, Nokia and Amazon MP3; physical copies from HEAD Record store, Genesis Records, Frontline Music and Clothing and Amazon.co.uk. www.myspace.com/celestineonline   www.celestineonline.com



Luminous Frenzy

Luminous Frenzy made their début on one of the main stage at the Big Chill Festival in 2005. Formed by "Godlike guitarist" Frank Frenzy, and singer/DJ Luminous, Luminous Frenzy's classic electronica album 'Violence Ambience' was released in 2006. Joined by producer/guitarist Adam Thomas, their first single 'Three Cliffs Bay' followed in 2007, launched with a sell-out gig at the Southbank Centre's Purcell Room.
The band has since developed a heavier rock-driven sound with drummer Steve Hands and Andrew MacDonald on bass. They recently recorded 3 tracks with top Producer Paul Sampson and are currently working on their second album.





JENJEN is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, DJ, producer and sound engineer. Vocalist with the O’Roonies in the 80's; Jen became co-producer in Snipe with Paul Boswell, receiving interest from John Peel.JenJen's indefinable sound, blends all genres, creating her own unique style – “something a little fresh and different.” Compared to Liz Fraser, Joan Baez, Melanie and Joni Mitchell, Jen takes you on a journey of soulful, sexy acoustic numbers, weaving eclectic “diaphanous formless vocals”, haunting ethereal melodies, lazy guitar, native drums and shakers, and deep, atmospheric breaks. Jen is currently producing and mastering her debut album, recorded in LA; Mick Fleetwood's studio, Maui;  and in Stanley Jordan's studio, Sedona, Arizona. www.myspace.com/jenzen23


 Siddy Bennett 

Hailed to be “One of the local Musicland’s most genially charismatic faces to emerge in 2010” (Bristol Venue), Siddy Bennett is poignant, poetic and often lyrically compared to the greats of Laura Marling and Sandy Denny. Her delivery, assured with the musicianship of her exceptional band, ranges from upbeat, raucous, cider-infused festival dance music to epic, thought provoking folk ballads. She began to receive major attention after embarking on the 2010 Chai Wallah stage tour, which included festivals such as The Green Man, Beach Break, Secret Garden Party and Shambala. www.myspace.com/siddybennett www.siddybennett.com 



Khantara's new line up brings a powerhouse, stripped-down performance of Colombian roots, with passionate Arabic and Gypsy blood. Lead by Colombian multi-instrumentalist and composer Anthar Kharana, whose majestic vocals range from mellow femininity to growled Mongolian throat-song, and weaving the stunning richness of traditional gaitas (Colombian Flutes) and driving tambores percussion with bouzouki, Cajon and traverse flute, this is the exhilaratingly brilliant soundscape of Colombia. Enjoy the rhythms and powerful soundscapes that will transport you to a land of joy and moves but keeping a sacred connection to the ancient Colombian wisdom.


The More Amore sisters are a new London based all-female dance troupe, founded by Rosaria Sativa. The More Amore Sisters versatile movement skills range from Contemporary Dance, Authentic Jazz, including Charleston & the Shim Sham, American Tap, Modern Jazz, 70’s Funk & Disco, Body Popping, Breakdance and Acrobatics.The dancers also share a passion for healthy living and an ethical lifestyle, their work reflecting this. VegfestUK sees the 4 Vegan/Vegetarian girls performing a variety of dances from the 20s to the 70s. A 30 minute show is followed by audience participation and the dancers teaching an easy-to-follow dance routine. www.rawhead.co.uk  



 Talking Tekla:

Talking Tekla the Narrata
Smooth slick sharp storytella
Lyrics to make you think jiggle an smile
Talking Tekla has his own unique style
Emotional intense wid passion an flare
When the Narrata is talking about hope charity an care
Aka di "Intalek" a reggae lyrical toaster not a boaster but watch-ya
From you meet you're gonna feel sweet an he'll leave you wid the fire


Structured Freestyle:

Multi-percussionist, Shelley, has performed all over the world. A master Djembe player, her mission in life is to chant for world peace and regularly street performs to raise money for charity. She is a holistic healer with 20 years of experience. For VegfestUK she will be teaming up with Trash Unit AKA MC Tenshon, an energetic performer who combines street samba, hip-hop, breakbeat and drum & bass. He has previously performed at established events such as Notting Hill Carnival and Summer Solstice. Healing the planet through their holistic, awesome beats this is a 15 minute performance not to be missed!





The Phoenix Rose

Signed to Archangel Green, the UKs first and only green record company, The Phoenix Rose produce a melodic blend of reggae, pop and rock, written to infuse the mind and soul with positive vigour and a feeling of unity. Their recording contract denotes they only perform on 100% renewable stages, reduce travel to a minimum and only use efficient CD production. They have performed at Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and in front of stars such as Annie Lenox. The Phoenix Rose believe music is the best way to spread powerful and determined messages in a peaceful manner.  



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