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Tuesday May 24th

Talks and Films  1pm – 5pm  


At The Polish Club  50 St Paul's Rd Clifton, Bristol, Avon BS8 1LP - 0117 973 6244 


Hosted by Mike Abrahams from Wild Oats, Bristol’s premier health store 


Admission Free – donations welcome 


Todays Theme is - Preventing Ill Health with Diet


Have you ever wondered how an Eskimo (Inuit) can spend his whole life never seeing a vegetable or piece of fruit and yet can thrive on all that meat and fat, whereas the same diet would not be so good in a tropical climate?  Whether travelling around the world or just popping into town, the food we eat and where we eat it significantly affects the way we respond to our environment.  This talk describes how to match your diet to your (internal & external) environment and stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed wherever you go.


1.00pm    Mike Abrahams (Wild Oats)  - Food as Preventative Medicine


2.00pm    Film - Food Matters


3.00pm    Film - Food Matters, followed by a short discussion about the film and its issues


4.00pm    Timbo (Yaoh) - A Street Guide to Detox


Timbo (Yaoh) - A Street Guide to Detox. 

Timbo takes you through the necessary steps to give yourself a thorough detox, in simple and easy to understand steps. If you want more energy and want to feel more positive about everything, then a detox is just the job. Essential information that can help put years on your life, help prevent against disease and illness, and fill yourself with more energy than you know what to do with.


Film - Food Matters

Food Matters discusses the importance of Nutrition & Natural Therapies for helping with chronic illness. Using interviews with leading health & nutrition experts, the film shows which foods and therapies are ideal for optimal health and have been proven to fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression and many more Chronic Illnesses and everyday conditions. Duration: 80 Mins

Country:: USA



Allergy and Food Intolerance Tester 


Free consultations at The Polish Club Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th 2pm – 5pm

With Shymie Bennett, Dip, B.E.R., E.F.M.A., I.T.E.C.Drop in for a free consultation about possible allergies and food intolerances you may have,  with our expert Shymie Bennett

Contact Shymie on 0117 9092071, or 07855470101





Cookery Demos   2pm – 5pm  


At Café Kino 108 Stokes Croft  Bristol BS1 3RU  


Admission FREE – Donations welcome 


2.00pm   Shane Jordan - Jerk Chicken Pasta Salad - succulent vegan chicken pieces, a spicy Jamaican jerk sauce with farfelle pasta and mixed salad.


3.00pm Film - The Healthy Vegan - tasty recipes


4.00pm   Shane Jordan - Curried Pancakes with a Mediterranean sauce  - Lightly toasted curried chickpea pancakes with a spicy Mediterranean sauce


Shane Jordan is a local vegan chef from Bristol.  He has acquired his skills by working in local cafes, doing food stalls in the city centre and cooking for friends and family.  By doing this, he has acquired a reputation for producing healthy tasty organic food.  He has also made it his duty to produce wheat free and gluten free dishes to provide inclusion for people with intolerants to wheat.  His trademark dishes include Vegan Jamaican Patties, Curried Pancakes and Date Syrup Seedle Cake.  These dishes will be available in local cafes this year.  





Stalls   10am – 4pm  

Featuring free vegan samples, information and VegfestUK info  Outside Wild Oats    9-11 Lower Redland Road Bristol BS6 6TB


Plus Today’s Special – ESSENTIAL TRADING with various selections of their products available for free tastings. Essential are Bristol based and supply large amounts of veggie and vegan products across the UK. Come along and find out more about this brilliant local brand





In the Evening

An evening of Food and Fun, hosted by Bristol Friends of the Earth and Wild Oats

At The Polish Club 7pm - 11pm   Admission £6 (in advance or on the door)

The evening includes a version of 'Ready Steady Cook' featuring chefs and cookery experts competing agaisnt eachother to produce the best meal, plus a selection of cabaret and enetertainment afterwards. The evening includes food and snacks. There is also a licenesed bar open.


Read all about the evening on this website here


Top Chefs from Bristol & Bath take up the Protein Rich and Planet Friendly Challenge 

Top chefs from Bristol & Bath have been challenged to a Ready Steady Cook style Cook Off to produce the most appetizing and healthy meals in side 30 minutes from a selection of plant based ingredients  Chefs from The Rummer Hotel, The Watershed, No 1 Harbourside and The Folkhouse will go head to head with veggie cookery experts from Demuth’s Cookery School and The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation to produce the best meal at a special evening event at The Polish Club on Tuesday May 24th  


Veggie food has for a long time had a dull and worthy image, but recently has become a number one diet of choice for a growing number of health conscious individuals, especially in Bristol, and chefs across the city are having to rise to the challenge of producing tasty imaginative plant based food to satisfy an ever discerning clientele - something at which the organisers of the event expect their selection of chefs to flourish. 


‘There’s a really exciting line up of very talented chefs up against each other to create the tastiest dish’ says organiser Julian Jones from Bristol Friends of the Earth, ‘and it’ll be very interesting to see whether they can match our veggie specialists to outdo them at their own game. We expect great things from them, and the audience will decide. Let the challenge commence!’ 


The fun starts at 7pm and goes through until 11pm, and includes food and cabaret too, and is hosted by Bristol Friends of the Earth and Wild Oats Health Store. Tickets are priced £6 and are available on the door or in advance from www.bristol.vegfest.co.uk The evening is part of VegfestUK Bristol Fringe week which runs from 21st May through to the big weekend event outdoors at The Harbourside May 27th – 29th, and features a number of free talks, demos and films about the benefits of the veggie/vegan lifestyle, as well as a series of events in the evenings. 


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