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Friday May 27th

Talks and Films  1pm – 5pm  


At The Polish Club  50 St Paul's Rd Clifton, Bristol, Avon BS8 1LP - 0117 973 6244 


Hosted by Mike Abrahams from Wild Oats, Bristol’s premier health store 


Admission Free – donations welcome 


Todays Theme is   Vegan Food



1.00pm    Mike Abrahams (Wild Oats) - Vegan Food Products


2.00pm   Film - Food and Health


3.00pm   Film - Making the Connection (The Vegan Society)


 4.00pm   Karen Morgan (The Vegan Society) - Making The Change


Vegan Food
Eating a vegan diet is not necessarily healthy.  More so than in conventional diets, balance is crucial.  In this talk we examine fundamentals of balance and provide the tools for us to ensure that we are not only eating from a vast range of delicious and healthy foods, but also keeping ourselves healthy, fit and trim. We will also examine principles that enable us to choose wisely from the bewildering range of vegan food products available on the market.


 Film - Food & HealthThis film, made in Bristol, demonstrates how to make informed choices about food, nutrition and diet for you and your family.  You will re-discover a natural wisdom that encompasses western and eastern, ancient and modern traditions.  By applying your own common sense and the principles outlined in “Food and Health” you can develop greater control of your food intake, your health and vitality  Duration:: 40 minsDirector:: David Friese-Greene

Country:: UK


Film - ''Making the Connection"   a new film which invites you on a journey - together with a chef, a farmer, an MP, an athlete, a dietician, a poet - to explore an exciting lifestyle which combines delicious, healthy food with tackling many of the global challenges facing us today. Will you make the connection and become part of the solution? Launched on World Vegan Day 2010, Monday 1 November, "Making the Connection" is a 30 minute film produced by Environment Films . The DVD is freely available from The Vegan Society for media professionals and public showings. 'Making the Connection' is also online in eight chapters.  Media Contact: Amanda Baker -media@vegansociety.com  - Tel: (0121) 523 1737





Talk - Making the Change

Why are people going vegan?  How can you enjoy the benefits of vegan living yourself?  Your questions answered by The Vegan Society.




Cookery Demos   2pm – 5pm  


At Café Kino 108 Stokes Croft  Bristol BS1 3RU  


Admission FREE – Donations welcome 


2.00pm   Sammy Gill - Titbits Catering











10am – 4pm  Featuring free vegan samples, information and VegfestUK info 

Outside Wild Oats    9-11 Lower Redland Road Bristol BS6 6TB


Plus Today’s Special – HOBBS HOUSE & CARLEY’S SPREADS – great range of bread and baked products from award winning local bakery HOBBS HOUSE, plus the super CARLEY’S range of nut and seed spreads. Free tasters galore!


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