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Cookery demos

The Cookery Classes  will run throughout the weekend with a variety of top notch vegan cookery experts, hosted by Mr Tony Bishop Weston, from famed and highly rated nutritonal consultancy company Foods For Life.


Cookery Demos


Line Up Includes




12.00    Tony Bishop Weston


1.00      Sammy Gill (Titbits Caterers) - Tasty Tapas and Funky Seasonal Salads


2.00      Helen Rossiter (Viva!) - The Viva! Cookbook - Live


3.00      Shane Jordan - Date Syrup Seedle Cakes


4.00      Kalefa Sennah - The Joy of Food as Medicine






12.00      Liz Hughes - Meals in Minutes


1.00        Anna Middleton - Superfoods in Foods


2.00        Helen Rossiter (Viva!) - Mood Foods


3.00        Rachel Demuth - Demuth's Vegetarian Cookery School


4.00        Helena (Vegan Emporium) - Gluten, Yeast and Sugar Free



 Tony Bishop-Weston    Plantarian Diets for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer

Author Tony Bishop-Weston natural products consultant at Foods for Life and the One World Day campaign looks at the positive effects that natural plant derived foods and fats can have on Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.



Sammy Gill - Tasty Tapas & Funky Seasonal salads. 

Sammy Gill is a vegan chef who is passionate about creating delicious and innovative plant based food. Sammy will demonstrate how simple and easy it is to make delicious tasty tapas to impress your friends. She will also be creating a fantastic seasonal and organic salad or two, from veg she picked up at the local market that morning. She now runs an exciting new vegan catering company called Titbits Catering, alongside Paula young who started her career at Terre a Terre and was also head chef at Lancrigg. They also run Gourmet Girls Underground Restaurants and run cookery workshops and courses throughout the year. For more info please visit www.titbitscatering.co.uk or Titbits Catering facebook page.



Shane Jordan

Shane Jordan is a local vegan chef from Bristol.  He has acquired his skills by working in local cafes, doing food stalls in the city centre and cooking for friends and family.  By doing this, he has acquired a reputation for producing healthy tasty organic food.  He has also made it his duty to produce wheat free and gluten free dishes to provide inclusion for people with intolerants to wheat.  His trademark dishes include Vegan Jamaican Patties, Curried Pancakes and Date Syrup Seedle Cake.  These dishes will be available in local cafes this year.  


 Helen Rossiter - Viva!Life Editor, Viva! & Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation Press Officer & Cookery Writer

Helen has worked for Europe’s largest veggie & vegan campaigning group Viva! for three years, editing their supporters’ magazine, Viva!Life and generating as much media coverage as possible for Viva! and the VVF.  Over the last couple of years she has also given dozens of cookery demonstrations and talks across the UK and has had many of her recipes and food photography published in newspapers and magazines. Working closely with Viva! & VVF food & cookery co-ordinator, Jane Easton, Helen, 29, has recently shot all the pictures for soon-to-published  Viva! Cookbook. She lives in Windmill Hill, Bristol with her cat Gwen. 



The Viva! Cookbook – live
The first ever recipe book exclusively produced by Viva! is due to be published later this year. Come and see Helen cook dishes from The Viva! Cookbook live.   


Demo 1•         Smokey Mexican Stroganoff with Wild Rice •         Tiramisu •         Pasta  sauces – cheezy (tahini-style) and walnut & parsley pesto             


Demo 2•         Sautéed squash with olive tapenade – •         Coconut Parsnip with red beans, lime & ginger  •         Tofu Burgerettes •         Avocado Fennel & Grapefruit Salad 

•         Mocha Yoghurt OR Lemon Slices



Anna Middleton

Anna is a Holistic Nutritionist based and has a passion for living foods. She has an understanding about the effects that different foods have on the way we feel and the powerful effect that cleansing can have on our whole being. Anna trained in Holistic Nutrition where she learnt about cellular philosophy, raw living foods, Chinese 5 elements and ancient Naturopathic Techniques that can support healing and transformation of health. She runs a nutrition training course affiliated with the Nutriheal Foundation and has a Nutrition Practice based in Bristol. Anna's philosophy is to recognise that our needs are unique, to find a balance that works for us and make changes to our diet and lifestyle at a pace we feel comfortable with, whatever that may be. To raise further awareness about the benefits of raw living foods, Anna runs workshops,  hosts free pot luck events and makes a selection of raw vegan cakes & chocolates for local cafes in Bristol as well as providing raw vegan catering for events upon request.


Rachel Demuth

Rachel Demuth is a professional vegetarian chef. She was a founder  member of Neal’s' Yard Bakery in Covent Garden, London and in 1984  opened Broad Street Bakery in Bath pioneering organic, vegetarian and vegan cooking. In 1987 she started Demuths restaurant, which is now one of the most successful vegetarian restaurants in Britain, specializing in fresh flavours and local produce. She has written three vegetarian cookery books as well as travelled extensively, teaching vegetarian cooking, sharing ideas, picking up tips, gathering recipes and cooking techniques around the world. In 2001 she started The Vegetarian Cookery School to teach people how to cook the ‘Demuths’ style of delicious, uncomplicated and easy to make vegetarian & vegan food. Rachel was awarded Bath Businesswoman of the year 2010.   www.demuths.co.uk  www.vegetariancookeryschool.com



Liz Hughes – Meals in Minutes

Liz Hughes runs Our Lizzy Cooking. She combined her skills as a school teacher and cook to create vegan cookery days from her purpose built kitchen in Malvern, Worcestershire.  Liz has the Cordon Vert Diploma in Vegetarian Cookery. Through Our Lizzy she offers people an opportunity to learn to cook a variety of meals in a relaxed friendly setting. Sessions are designed for small groups with a mixture of demonstration and hands on cookery.  Liz enjoys using a wide range of locally grown seasonal produce. She loves exploring new ingredients and developing new recipes. She runs specialist courses in tofu, vegan baking and gluten free cookery.  At the festival she will demonstrate some quick and healthy meals. She added, “eating a variety of foods is essential for health. I aim to teach techniques for quick healthy meals that can be prepared after a long day at work.” This session is perfect for people new to vegan cooking.  www.ourlizzy.com



Helena – Gluten, Yeast and Sugar Free

Bristol based Vegan Emporium owner Helena has a lifetime of experience cooking for various intolerances and in this demo she will be cooking a starter, main and dessert each taking 15 minutes, all delicious and all intolerance friendly. Using entirely natural products this demo will show having an intolerance does not by any standards mean having a restricted diet.


Kalefa Sennah - The Joy of Food as Medicine

Caribbean influenced cooking and nutrition workshops designed to help you maintain optimum health and prevent or survive degenerative dis-eases.  Cooking demonstrations will include how to introduce live foods into your diet

Kalefa is a Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner. .Kalefa’s love for healthy living began with her early years growing up in Jamaica when she lived on a farm in a country village where the majority of their food came from the land.  At a young age she became an athlete and her need to remain healthy led her to explore vegan diets such as Rastafarian Ital foods which remained throughout her life.  Spurred on by her daughter’s success as an athlete, now an Olympic Medallist, her fascination with how the mind works and creating balance in the human system, led her to study and practice alternative therapies including herbalism, natural building and sustainable living, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.  She soon realized that the mind cannot be truly balanced until the body is physically healthy, so she decided to add nutrition to her arsenal.  She now runs a private clinic which includes online service and The Joy of Food as Medicine courses, educating people on how to prevent and survive dis-ease and create balance through nutrition and lifestyle choices. This includes the introduction of live foods into their eating regime. Her intention is to travel throughout the world uplifting and empowering others by sharing her experiences as well as learning from them.   Kalefa Naked Foods, the business, is fast becoming a global household name due to the in-depth health education, advice and guidance which Kalefa provides and it will continue to grow, phenomenally, worldwide as its reputation does.. 

Glenn Kearney – MSc (Dist), B Phed, UK Athletics Senior Nutritionist says of Kalefa "Kalefa naked foods represent the next level in nutrition - the combination of Whole 'Super' foods into fine tasting smoothies and meals. For those wishing for more vitality in their life - whether an athlete or a non-athlete I would highly recommend incorporating these meals into a daily meal pattern."

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