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Campaigns - Talks

The Campaigns Talks Room sees a series of 10 talks and presentations over the weekend from some of the UK's leading vegan Campaigning groups





12.00   Vegan Society Members gathering


1.00     Kerry McCarthy (MP Bristol East) - The Sustainable Livestock Bill


2.00     Darren Collis (Sea Shepherd) - Defend, Preserve, Protect


3.00     Kat Affleck (Viva!) - The Dairy Industry - 'Traditional' and zero grazing


4.00     Alexandra Cordenas (Animal Defenders International) - Stop Circus Suffering Campaign






12.00   Michelle Thew - BUAV - Ending Animal Testing Worldwide


1.00     Amanda Baker (Vegan Society) -  Vegan Fayres - coming to your town


2.00     Tony Bishop Weston - Plantarian One World Day


3.00     Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Feed The World




Vegan Society Members Gathering

an informal gathering for members of The Vegan Society to meet, netwrok and inspire



Kerry McCarthy is MP for Bristol East and is very active, knowledgeable and up to date in a number of fields including Global Food Politics. Kerry is vegan and a very interesting and dynamic talker and here talk will provide a fascinating insight into the world of global food politics, something which dominates our whole food outlook 



Sea Shepherd - Defend Preserve Protect

Sea Shepherd is committed to the eradication of pirate whaling, poaching, shark finning, unlawful habitat destruction and violations of established laws in the world's oceans. Our cruelty-free ships and dedicated crew have recently returned form our most successful enforcement of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary - The whalers simply gave up and sailed home, publicly blaming Sea Shepherd for their losses! Several campaigns in Europe this year, plus UK Campaigns and new regional groups. Special offers and discounts at cruelty-free events on our cool merchandise!
Give monthly for even more exclusive offers!   DEFEND * CONSERVE * PROTECT    www.seashepherd.org       UK@seashepherd.org




Kat Affleck

Kat is a campaigner at Viva! and the VVF (Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation). She works within the campaigns department to create and manage the organisations innovative and dynamic campaigns which raise awareness of animal suffering and human health issues. She manages The Dark Side of Dairy – exposing the hidden realities of the dairy industry. Kat is a life long vegetarian (now a passionate vegan!) who has done work or a number of animal welfare organisations before coming to Viva!.



Animal Defenders International -  Stop Circus Suffering campaignBased on a huge body of evidence gathered through undercover investigations and scientific research, Animal Defenders International’s Stop Circus Suffering campaign continues to gain momentum, and success, worldwide, playing an instrumental part in Bolivia becoming the first country in the world in 2009 to ban all animal acts in circuses and ensuring that similar bans are now before the parliaments of Peru and Colombia. Hear the latest campaign developments, how we are working with groups and governments across Europe, the US and South America and how we dramatically rescued lions, monkeys and other animals from Bolivia’s circuses following the ban. www.ad-international.org




Juliet Gellatley - Feed The World    In 1994 Juliet founded Viva! – a vibrant, campaigning group that is the biggest vegetarian and vegan organisation in Europe. She also set up the charity, the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation in 2002 to concentrate on health and nutrition. She directs both groups. Juliet is also the director of Revive! Nutrition.Over the past 20 years, Juliet has created and launched numerous campaigns and written or co-written several reports, guides and books, including the Silent Ark, Born to be Wild, the Livewire Guide to Going, Being & Staying Veggie, Nutrition in a Nutshell, Feed the World, Healthy Veggie Kids and Vegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby Guide. She has filmed and exposed many factory farms. Juliet is an inspirational, fun and informative speaker and has made media appearances across the world. She has a degree in zoology and psychology and is a qualified nutritional therapist.


Michelle Thew – Ending Animal Testing Worldwide

 Michelle is Chief Executive of the BUAV – the world’s leading organisation campaigning against animal experiments.  For over 15 years Michelle has championed the cause of animals in laboratories across the world, speaking on their behalf in both the UK and EU Parliaments, and taking the message to media, regulators and industry representatives from Europe and the USA to Asia.  Michelle spearheaded the decade-long campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals in Europe, and has persuaded high street stores such as Sainsbury’s, M&S and Superdrug to go cruelty free by signing up to the Humane Cosmetics Standard (symbolized by the Leaping Bunny).  Michelle is known for her dynamic, passionate, innovative and determined approach to ending animal testing, and is one of the most respected and accomplished individuals in the animal protection movement.



Amanda Baker (The Vegan Society)   Amanda’s talk runs through the main things you need to know about setting up your own vegan event. Vegan fayres are growing steadily and if you want to learn about putting on your own event then here’s your chance  www.vegansociety.com



Plantarian - A new beginning – The meat, dairy and fish eaters option on the menu.

Vegan cookbook author and agent provocateur Tony Bishop-Weston says “Every so often I have to give myself a big kick up the backside to remind myself that it's the hearts and minds of the 90%, not the 1% that we need to win over to change this broken world.” For many people veganism and the all or nothing small box it comes packaged in is a daunting prospect , they often feel it throws up more new problems than solutions. “I tried to think of myself in other peoples shoes, my shoes 30 years ago, my parents and relatives shoes. The small box is often viewed as punishment, like living in a badly run communist state. We felt there needed to be something a little less intimidating to encourage new people and help get them started on the road to recovery”Foods for Life came up with the first step concept, a journey – the road of Plantarianism. The main Plantarian focus is on the positives, on the benefits, on the solutions, on empowering people to make the right vegan choices. A simple A- B map with one road on it, one direction heading towards an optimally healthy, more sustainable, harmonious ethical vegan lifestyle. Plantarianism is about practising to be perfect instead of pretending to be perfect. One World Day is an annual, global vegfest day of focus to encourage international action on helping new people to try, discover, learn, understand and enjoy a Plantarian lifestyle and encourage them to begin their journey. Please pledge now at www.1worldday.org and encourage your friend's friends to do the same.

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